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Funda Nenja recently welcomed Tracey Joubert and her President Awards’ pupils from Epworth High School, who raised R2 000 from cake sales for Funda Nenja.

The girls were shown around the dog school in Mpophomeni and told how its ‘One Welfare’ approach aims to affect social change.

Funda Nenja’s social worker and education officer explained their part in the programme with the visitors after they watched the dog classes being taught by the organisati­on’s young instructor­s.

Funda Nenja is happy to welcome visitors to its Friday afternoon dog school.

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• Village Talk readers who would like to support Funda Nenja with donations of dog food or items like dog beds and blankets can drop them off at our offices in Market Street, Howick.

The team at Midlands Hospice would like to to say a massive thank you to all who supported our Mandela Day plea for donations of Futurelife porridge for our patients

We had 183 boxes in total donated which roughly equates to 91.5kgs

Please don't stop dropping off though! We have a need of 60kgs a week, that we are currently unable to meet.

We would like to say a special thanks to the team at Harvard House, the team and individual­s at NCT Foresty and Stihl SA, Roger Poole and all who helped us achieve this.

Shoppers at the Hilton Quarry SuperSpar have generously donated the the PMB and District Community Chest’s Breakfast Cereal Drive which aims to feed over 2 000 children.

The organisati­on is working with a cluster of 39 early childhood developmen­t centres to ensure that every child attending receives a bowel of breakfast cereal and a few hours of cognitive, emotional and physical stimulatio­n to enhance their growth.

The Hilton Quarry SuperSpar is its newest partner on this community drive.

“A special word of appreciati­on

To the editor and staff of Talk, thank you for accommodat­ing us last minute with the funeral notice.

To Piper Josh and his Wingman Bundy, SignCo and Greendale

Village goes to all the customers of the Hilton Quarry SuperSpar who have thus far supported the Breakfast Cereal Drive,” Community Chest said in a statement.

“It also takes people with passion in their hearts to champion a cause like this; so its ‘Hats off!’ to Sarah Pennington for going the extra mile by initiating the collaborat­ion between Community Chest and Hilton Quarry SuperSpar.”

If you wish to join the Breakfast Cereal Drive, simply buy a box or two of Maltabella or Futurelife cereal and drop it off in the specially marked donation box at Hilton Quarry SuperSpar.

Spar, thank you for the excellent service.

Please accept our heartfelt gratitude to all for helping with Victor Shaw's funeral.

With love from the Shaw family.

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