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Ubuntu Nest’s latest project aims to encourage young men in the Midlands to become the best they can be. The Vukani Bafana life skills project was born out of a show which creator, Cuba Ikaneng, broadcast on the Umngungund­lovu radio station.

“I feel that young people of every generation, especially young men, have to define what exactly a good man is,” he told Village Talk. “In many families fathers are absent, but that is not a reason for young people to do the wrong thing.”

To try and get that message across, Ikaneng has written a short play about two young men, who get caught after committing a robbery and find themselves in jail.

One of the two youngsters has a family with more influence and is able to get bail, while the other is left behind bars.

The voice cast for the play, Ukhala Wedwa Manje (You Are Now Crying Alone), is made up of four Grade 11 pupils from Injoloba

High School.

Lungisani Sibisi, who lives in the Karkloof, said he was excited to be part of the project.

“I am enjoying it [and] I hope it will change people’s humanity,” he added.

Ntuthuko Ngema, from Cedara Village, said he was proud to be part of a project that would help build awareness of the many issues faced by boys and young men in South Africa today.

“There is a lack of parenting,” he added, “we don’t get enough support and attention from our parents and especially our fathers.”

Howick West resident, Tshepo Mofokeng, agrees, adding: “Our peers end up smoking and doing drugs which leads to people making the wrong choices, like getting into crime. I hope this play will open their minds.”

The final cast member is Andile Zondi, from Mvana, who was enjoying recording the play in the new soundproof booth at Ubuntu Nest.

“It’s the first time that I have been in a studio like this,” he added. “It’s been very interestin­g and I really hope it will help us to help our peers learn about the real world.”

When the recording is finished Ikaneng plans to take it to schools in the area, including Injoloba, and share the story with pupils in their life orientatio­n classes.

If you would like to find out more about the project, phone 068 682 2216.

 ?? ?? Cuba Ikaneng is pictured with Lungisani Sibisi, Ntuthuko Ngema, Andile Zondi and Tshepo Mofokeng.
Cuba Ikaneng is pictured with Lungisani Sibisi, Ntuthuko Ngema, Andile Zondi and Tshepo Mofokeng.

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