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Amber Valley Bridge Club

The results of the Amber Valley Bridge Club games played on September 7 were:

Green section – 1, Clive Bromilow and Leslie Appleby and Bets Richardson and Bridget Hauff (tied) 3, Pam and Brian Ravno.

Red section – 1, John and Aline Field; 2, Glenda Pierides and Helen Ward; 3, Mike O'Connor and Moyra Ford.

Amberfield Bridge Club The results of the Amberfield Bridge Club games on September 6 were: 1, Josie Kelley and Ath Monson; 2, Betts and Geoff Richardson; 3, Pam Potter and A van Coller. Amberglen Duplicate Bridge club

The results for the Mitchell movement games played at the Amberglen Duplicate Bridge club on September 8 were:

North/South – 1, Josie Kelly and Mary Webb; 2, Bets and Geoff Richardson; 3, Margie Mostert and Ronnie Ritchie.

East/West – 1, Judy Emmanuel and Mike Anstey; 2, John Field and Rina Tainton and Joan Conway and Colin Burden (tied).

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