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After months of hard work, Talitha Hamblin has been rewarded with the highest honour in Cubs: the Leaping Wolf Award.

Talitha, who is a member of Howick 1st Cubs and a pupil at Howick Prep School, received the coveted award from Garth Kloppenbor­g, the deputy regional commission­er of Scouts South Africa, at a ceremony at the Lexden Scout Camp in Pietermari­tzburg.

On her way to getting the Leaping Wolf, she completed her Gold Wolf outdoor challenge and her Food For Life badge. For the latter, Talitha created a container garden, recording every step by hand and through the use of pictures.

In a letter of congratula­tions, Renalda Boutle, the regional coordinato­r of the Cub programme, said: “I can tell just how hard you worked in your food garden. Don’t stop showing your friends and family how easy it is to be sustainabl­e.”

Talitha also showed her expert knowledge of Scout craft with her knotting frame, and built a swing, using that knowledge, for her personal challenge as part of the Leaping Wolf Award.

“Boutle said of her swing: “What an awesome challenge by making your swing with all the different knotting. This is really so impressive.

“I can just imagine what future pioneering projects in Scouts are going to be like. Awesome job!”

To show technology in action, Talitha researched and wrote about the light bulb and looked at Covid-19 masks and the best ways to dispose of them for her global awareness challenge.

After the ceremony, Cubs and Scouts from Pietermari­tzburg and the Midlands planted trees at the camp as part of their Arbour Day celebratio­ns.

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