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Love Howick’s Street Store in Morling Street, Howick, makes shopping easy for those without an income.

For every three bags of recycling residents collect from the central business district, they receive five tokens, which can then be used to ‘buy’ clothing and food supplies for themselves and their families

“Our main aim at Love Howick is to create a culture of empowermen­t and not dependency,” said director Matt Hogarty.

“Our Street Store concept gives those in desperate need of help the opportunit­y to make a contributi­on in exchange for these basic food or clothing items, thus restoring dignity and value to their lives.

“The spin-off is that our communitie­s get cleaned up in the process, so this model represents a win-win for all.”

Hogarty appealed to Howick residents to support the organisati­on with financial donations to help them buy food supplies and to drop off good quality second-hand clothing at 19 Morling Street.

The Street Store, which is open weekdays from 8am to 1pm, is just one of Love Howick’s ongoing initiative­s to keep the town clean and free from rubbish.

The organisati­on also encourages businesses in the CBD to join its recycling programme and staff can be seen all around Howick strimming verges, improving urban garden spaces and painting street light poles.

From October 18 to 20, Love Howick will be hosting its Green Week Challenge.

“This is our annual campaign where we ask businesses, community groups, schools, families, friends and neighbours to join us in sprucing up our town,” said Hogarty.

This year’s initiative will end with the Green My Own Space campaign on Saturday, October 22 where residents are invited to join with Love Howick to tidy areas around their homes and neighbourh­oods.

“This year a special emphasis will be placed on the removal of alien invasive vegetation, bugweed in particular,” said Hogarty. “All you have to do is pick a spot, form a team, choose a day or days to participat­e, and register online.

“Once we confirm that your spot is still available and has not been chosen by another team, it will be time for you to get ready… and then go!

“On the day you participat­e, you will log your data online and upload photos of your participat­ion. These will also be shared online.

“There are prizes to recognise the outstandin­g enthusiasm and efforts of teams, as well as awards for the Green My Own Space participan­ts. So, get involved and let's make Howick shine!”

For more informatio­n about the Green Week Challenge and Love Howick’s other recycling and environmen­tal initiative­s, please email

 ?? ?? By collecting recycling residents are able to help their families in a meaningful way.
By collecting recycling residents are able to help their families in a meaningful way.

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