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Howick responds in solidarity


The residents of Howick were quick to respond to the publicatio­n of a letter about Hunger Busters on social media and in letters addressed to the editor.

Village Talk shares some of these social media comments, and excerpts from reader’s letters.

KM Ross’ letter recalled the midst of lockdown during which Hunger Busters was the only food source for many homeless people who would have otherwise have been without food.

Ross also stressed the vital role that kindhearte­d sponsors and food providers play in providing food to the needy every week. Rob Askew and his team was described by Ross and many others as “highly principled, kind, thoughtful, and caring” individual­s.

Paula Taylor described Rob Askew, who has been declared an ex-officio Justice of the Peace, as someone who has spent his retirement in service to our community – after spending his working years serving the country as a highly decorated member of the SAPS.

She recalled Rob’s good works during the most difficult times – especially when lockdown hit. “This was never just feeding. Rob prayed with each and every person he fed… He instils hope and inspires people to better themselves. He blesses each meal with prayers,” she wrote.

Regarding due diligence at Hunger Busters, Taylor explained that Hunger Busters does not actively feed known criminals. She indicated that an external accountant ensures that Hunger Busters’ donations, finances and books are managed legally and ethically.

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