VISI speaks to female-led multidisci­plinary South African design collective Bone Studio about their six favourite projects, which span the commercial, residentia­l, retail and hospitalit­y sectors.


When selecting our top six projects – a ‘bone of contention’ in the studio because our designers all had different selections – what we love is that they are so vastly different in style and vision. We know that, just as each client has their own personalit­y, so does each building, site or home,” says Bone Studio co-founder Nicola Orpen.

Co-founder Hayley Turner agrees. “We do not have one consistent ‘Bone’ stamp that blankets our projects,” she says. “We spend time and attention ensuring that each client’s project is one of a kind, and the common threads are devotion to detail and focus on the implementa­tion of the client’s vision.”

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