If money were no object, what one piece of iconic design would you buy?

I’d buy a piece of art. Sam Nhlengethw­a has produced a mohair tapestry work called A er Miles Davis, featuring a trumpeter with two spotlights on him. It is so atmospheri­c, and it links back to my family’s cultural history.

For this issue of VISI, Joanne wrote one of our upfront essays (page 22), which tells the bitterswee­t story of her father’s lost home in Durban’s storied Grey Street area. She’s a multitalen­ted TV and radio broadcaste­r who has had a presence in the South African media for 25 years. Currently in the midst of completing her PhD at Wits, Joanne is also the author of two best-selling books, the most recent of which is a novel, Children of Sugarcane (Jonathan Ball), which was published in South Africa in 2021 and will be released internatio­nally in May this year.

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