If money were no object, what one piece of iconic design would you buy?

The Eames lounge chair and ottoman – in white leather.

A lover of words, Ania has made a career out of helping people use them in the best possible way – and we have no idea what we’d do without her eagle eye on our print pages. She spent most of her gainfully employed life at Cosmopolit­an, a wild ride that’s le her with more R-rated knowledge than she ever expected to gain in one lifetime – and an ability to complete any Wordle in three tries. Secretly, she dreams of an (extremely) early retirement, so she can spend her time lounging in her Eames chair, reading books for fun rather than for work. When she’s not solving the world’s problems one Oxford comma at a time, she’s likely to be found eating her way through the restaurant­s, markets and delis of the Western Cape.

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