With a singular focus on creating a CAPABLE, DURABLE and RELIABLE 4X4 built to handle just about anything, AUTOMOTIVE DESIGNER TOBY ECUYER provides insights into his clean-sheet approach to designing the new INEOS GRENADIER.


Effective design doesn’t mean complicate­d design. It doesn’t lead with aesthetics at the expense of function. Instead, effective design is far more focused on its goal. It’s about defining a need, understand­ing the user, prototypin­g solutions, gathering feedback and, based on that, creating the final product.

And that’s exactly the process followed by the INEOS team in conceptual­ising, creating, testing and finalising the new Grenadier. From the outset, the vehicle was designed with one purpose in mind – to meet the need for a rugged, capable and comfortabl­e go-anywhere working vehicle.


“The brief was simple,” says head of design Toby Ecuyer. “We set out to design a modern, functional and highly capable 4x4 vehicle with utility at its core; to create a design that’s ‘easy-to-read’, with no ambiguity about the Grenadier’s role in your life. It’s there to do everything you need, and nothing you don’t. Nothing is for show. Modern engineerin­g and production techniques ensure the Grenadier is highly capable, but we have been

able to stay true to the essence of creating a utilitaria­n vehicle that will stand the test of time.”


Built from the ground up on an all-new platform, and put through 1.8-million test kilometres, the INEOS Grenadier’s design was engineerin­g-led from the outset and dictated by the function the car needed to fulfil: to meet the demands of its adventure-focused

owners. The big wheel arches, for example, are all about maximum ground clearance, the squared-off body about maximum use of space, and the clever 70:30 split rear door about ease of access. Practical functional­ity is everywhere, from the integrated roof bars and pre-wiring for auxiliary lamps and accessorie­s, to a front bumper that you can sit on. That said, Toby points out, “Just because it’s been engineerin­g-led doesn’t mean it has to be ugly. We still have to make it look good and interestin­g, and consider every millimetre of its design.”

As with the exterior design, the focus inside is on practicali­ty and utility, with the technology and comfort today’s users expect. Its intuitive and functional layout features physical switches, widely spaced for easy use on the move; a central infotainme­nt screen; and an overhead console for off-road and auxiliary controls. Hose-out rubber flooring, hard-wearing Recaro seats and numerous stowage options mean the Grenadier is ready for anything that work and life can throw at it.

“The Grenadier project started by identifyin­g a gap in the market, abandoned by a number of manufactur­ers, for a utilitaria­n off-road vehicle,” explains INEOS chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe. “This gave us an engineerin­g blueprint for a capable, durable and reliable 4x4, built to handle the world’s harshest environmen­ts. But it had to look the part as well – and Toby and his team have done a great job in delivering a design that’s both distinctiv­e and purposeful.” ineosgrena­

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