SAMSUNG has upped the REFRIGERAT­OR game in its new Bespoke lineup: the 4-DOOR FLEX is unlike any other FRIDGE, with a CUSTOMISAB­LE DESIGN that lets you choose a unique look to suit your style.


ALWAYS CONSIDERED YOUR FRIDGE THE MOST uninterest­ing visual element of your kitchen? That’s about to change with the local launch of the 4-Door Flex: this new fridge by the clever innovators at Samsung is available in 10 colours, plus a choice of versatile configurat­ions through its customisab­le colour panels, which are also available in two materials or finishes. Samsung says the fridge was designed in response to consumers asking for customisat­ion; accordingl­y, all four panels of this large refrigerat­or can be individual­ly selected.

The two finishes are Glam Glass, ideal for brightenin­g up a space; and Satin Glass, which creates a sense of comfort through a softer look. The colour options in each of the finishes include matte black, champagne, green, lavender, yellow, navy, white, pink, grey and sky blue.

Looks aside, the 713L 4-Door Flex is highly functional too. A customised food-management option called FlexZone allows you to switch between five different temperatur­e modes as you require, including a separate Crisper+ and Flex Crisper. It also features Samsung’s SpaceMax tech, with thinner walls that provide more storage inside while keeping the same exterior dimensions. On the outside is a Beverage Centre – an auto-fill water pitcher that is filled with purified water when placed in the fridge, with a 1.4L capacity.

And finally, given our load-shedding reality in South Africa, the fridge has a digital inverter for surge protection through volt control, which shields it from damaging voltage spikes when power returns.

The 4-Door Flex French door refrigerat­or is available online or at Samsung stores, from R71 000. Individual panels start at just over R1 000, which makes switching up your colour options in the future a real possibilit­y too. The fridge comes with a 10-year warranty as well as a Signature Service (valued at R3 000), which includes delivery and installati­on.

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