What do you love most about spring?

My relationsh­ip with spring is complicate­d. I despise that it blows in with Joburg’s horrific, dry August winds. They’re the mean-spirited final slug from winter that could make even the most devout City of Gold dweller flee. Then, just as they have you distraught, they vanish, and things warm up a bit.

It’s the first hint that, in a couple of weeks, the rains will come. That’s when I turn into a maniacal weather watcher – postulatin­g about every cloud, every temperatur­e change – knowing that one a‰ernoon, suddenly, the heavens will open, the sky will blaze with lightning, and this will be the best place on earth. Sarah compiles VISI’s Stories section. She also wrote the piece on space as a design trend (page 168), viewing it as a thrilling opportunit­y to make many galactical­ly cheesy pop culture references.

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