What do you love most about spring?

I have an inexplicab­le nostalgic attachment to spring. As a kid I’d get butterflie­s – or, as my sweet niece says, “tummy tickles” – thinking about it. I also secretly wish my mama would have kept me in her belly for five more days so that I could have been born on Spring Day! Spring arrives with a sense of renewal that heralds the return of my sunny dispositio­n. Its promise fills me with a lightness of mood and spirit. Plus, I feel a gargantuan amount prettier, thanks to glowing skin and a revival of my energy, which feeds my creativity. The hilarious irony is that I’m allergic to pollen – but not even that will get me to turn my back on the blossoming flowers and fresh greenery that come with the season’s long alfresco brunches and bottomless mimosas.

Zimkita wrote one of our Voices essays this month. You’ll find it on page 28.

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