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Chalk white and blush pink colours, pa­per pop­pies, pop­corn and play­ful word el­e­ments set against a black­board back­ground were all on our in­spi­ra­tion board for this wed­ding.

Set the scene

Black­board paint was the in­spi­ra­tion for this ro­man­tic set­ting. We used black, white and pow­der pink as main colours, with a few touches of warm brown and navy blue. Choose vin­tage items and weather-beaten wood to re­in­force the theme and com­bine th­ese with softer fem­i­nine el­e­ments. The in­for­mal ta­ble set­ting is cre­ated with cut­lery, crock­ery and glasses that work with the black­board theme. Com­plete the pic­ture with mis­matched chairs.

Photo wall

A black­board wall pro­vides a great back­drop for pho­tograph­ing guests. Use chalk to cre­ate fun graph­ics on the wall be­hind them. In­vite them to par­tic­i­pate by writ­ing mes­sages on the wall.

Flow­ers for the ta­ble

Hire vin­tage bot­tle crates to use as flower hold­ers. In­sert a block of green florist’s foam into each one. We ar­ranged the flow­ers, then dec­o­rated each ta­ble’s ar­range­ment fur­ther us­ing pa­per pop­pies. Find the in­struc­tions on page 41 to make your own pop­pies.

Ta­ble plan

Forego the tra­di­tional lists of names and in­cor­po­rate your ta­ble plan into the rest of the dé­cor. Fill pa­per cups with pop­corn and ar­range them on a ta­ble out­side the venue, so the guests can pick up their own cup on the way in.

You will need

tem­plate for cup wrap­per on page 50 pa­per cups spray glue

To make

1 Scan the tem­plate on page 50 and choose a suit­able type­face (see our ar­ti­cle on page 55 for ad­vice on this). Use de­sign soft­ware (or ask a graphic designer to help you) to add the ta­ble num­bers and guests’ names to the wrap­pers. You can also in­cor­po­rate the wed­ding em­blem into your de­sign (tem­plate on page 54), if you pre­fer. Space out ev­ery­thing neatly, then print the cup wrap­pers out on white pa­per. 2 Cut out the de­sign and use spray glue to at­tach the wrap­pers to the cups. Fill them with pop­corn (recipe along­side).

Cre­ate won­der­ful mem­o­ries on your big day with your per­sonal pick of pretty things and fun el­e­ments.

Cin­na­mon pop­corn

Serves: 6 Cooking time: 10 min­utes

1 Heat the sun­flower oil in a large saucepan. Add the pop­corn and cover with the lid. Wait for the pop­corn to stop pop­ping be­fore re­mov­ing the saucepan from the heat. 2 Sprin­kle im­me­di­ately with the ic­ing sugar, salt flakes and ground cin­na­mon, then stir well to mix through.

20ml sun­flower oil 250ml pop­corn 50ml ic­ing sugar 5ml salt flakes 5ml ground cin­na­mon

Bal­loon ta­ble num­bers

Cut out the ta­ble num­bers from self­ad­he­sive vinyl, us­ing the type­face of your choice, then at­tach them to black helium-filled bal­loons, and tie each one with a pretty rib­bon.



Scan the tem­plate on page 46 and use de­sign soft­ware to type your names and the other im­por­tant de­tails onto the de­sign. Space ev­ery­thing neatly, then print out on white card­board. Cut out each in­vi­ta­tion and place in a wooden frame, if you pre­fer.

Wed­ding em­blem

Use the wed­ding em­blem as a com­mon theme through­out. Scan the wed­ding em­blem on page 54 and use de­sign soft­ware to add your ini­tials and the wed­ding date in your cho­sen font.

Save-the-date cards You will need

frame tem­plate on page 49 en­ve­lope tem­plate on page 47 wed­ding em­blem off-white card­board for the back­ground white pa­per for the en­velopes glue stick craft knife and cut­ting mat steel ruler

To make

1 Scan the frame tem­plate on page 49 and use de­sign soft­ware to place the wed­ding em­blem on the de­sign (see the photo on the fac­ing page). Print out on off-white card­board and cut out. 2 En­large the en­ve­lope tem­plate on page 47 to fit in­side the frame above the em­blem and print out on white pa­per. Cut out, fold the en­ve­lope and glue the side flaps closed. Glue the en­ve­lope in place on the card­board frame.

Globe guest­book

A guest­book pro­vides a last­ing re­minder of your spe­cial day. Use dif­fer­ent sized globes to cre­ate an un­usual guest­book. Paint the globes with black­board paint and leave to dry. Guests can then write their mes­sages on the globes with white pens or chalk. (If you’re us­ing chalk, spray the globes with a sealant af­ter­wards to pre­serve the mes­sages.) Use the globes as dé­cor el­e­ments in your home af­ter your wed­ding.


Use a di­rec­tion sign­board to show the way from the cer­e­mony to the re­cep­tion. Cut a rec­tan­gu­lar piece of Su­pa­wood and sand the edges to a smooth fin­ish. Place it on news­pa­per and paint with black­board paint.

As soon as the paint has dried, use white chalk to draw an ar­row and write the word ‘party’ on the board. You could also use a white felt-tip pen or white poster paint in­stead of chalk, if you pre­fer.


Pho­to­copy the place­mat tem­plate on page 53 onto A3 pa­per. Write the guests’ names on the white ban­ner. If you pre­fer a neater fin­ish, you can scan the tem­plate and type the names onto them be­fore print­ing out.

Ban­ner brooches

Carry the black­board theme through to the cute ban­ner brooches for the par­ents of the bride and groom, the groom and his best man. Print the tem­plates on page 48 onto white card­board. Cut out with a craft knife and at­tach with a dec­o­ra­tive pin, or glue a brooch pin to the back.

Heart brooch

Make heart brooches for the brides­maids and a few spe­cial guests. Use a jig­saw to cut out hearts from Su­pa­wood. Sand the edges to a smooth fin­ish. Lay out the hearts on news­pa­per and paint with black­board paint. Leave to dry, then at­tach a brooch pin to the back of each. Dec­o­rate with a length of rib­bon and use chalk to write the name on the front.

Pa­per pop­pies

Make your own bou­quet of pa­per flow­ers. Add rib­bons and a few vin­tage brooches if you like a bit of bling.

You will need

flower petal tem­plate (see be­low) white crin­kle pa­per for the pe­tals black crin­kle pa­per for the flower cen­tre faux sta­men (avail­able from florists) thick florist’s wire (sold in 50cm lengths) green florist’s tape black spray paint pink and black ink flat paint­brush glue gun

To make

1 Cut out five 5cm discs for each flower from the black crin­kle pa­per. Turn on your glue gun, roll three of the five discs for each flower into a small ball and add a drop of glue to the ball. At­tach it to the cen­tre of the re­main­ing two black discs. 2 Bend the end of one length of florist’s wire about 2cm from the end. Add a drop of glue and in­sert the wire into the small ball.

3 Ap­ply a thin line of glue, right around the ball, then fold the disc around the ball and over the wire to form the cen­tre of the flower on a stem. 4 Ap­ply black spray paint to the sta­men and leave to dry prop­erly. Ar­range around the cen­tre and at­tach with the glue gun. We cut ours in half and used 22 for each flower. 5 Use the tem­plate be­low and cut out seven pe­tals for each flower from the white crin­kle pa­per. Our pe­tals are about 10cm long. Di­lute the pink ink and dip a few pe­tals in the di­luted ink to add a touch of ro­mance to your bou­quet. Leave to dry. TIP Use the thick­est crin­kle pa­per you can find. 6 Ar­range the pe­tals around the cen­tre ball, slightly crum­pling the bot­tom edges of each petal be­fore at­tach­ing with the glue gun. Leave to dry. 7 Wrap green florist’s tape around the bot­tom of each flower to form a cone shape. Keep go­ing with the florist’s tape to wrap the wire, form­ing a green stem. 8 Paint a few light strokes of black ink on the in­side of each flower, to com­plete. TIP You’ll need at least 24 flow­ers for your bou­quet. You can also make smaller ones for a fuller bou­quet.

Black wed­ding cake

Cover the cake with black fon­dant ic­ing, avail­able from bak­ing shops. Have your wed­ding em­blem, dé­cor el­e­ments and other pat­terns printed on ed­i­ble pa­per and cut out. Use a small brush to dab wa­ter on the ar­eas on the fon­dant ic­ing where you are plac­ing the prints, tak­ing care not to make it too wet as the ed­i­ble pa­per will dis­in­te­grate. Place the pa­per on the wet fon­dant and smooth gen­tly to re­move any air bub­bles, us­ing your fin­ger­tips and work­ing out­wards from the cen­tre. Dust some corn­flour over the cake for a chalk ef­fect. To com­plete, pho­to­copy the tem­plate of the cake top­per on page 47 onto card­board and cut out with a craft knife. Use a glue gun to at­tach it to two wooden skew­ers and in­sert into the cake.

Pink lemon­ade

Makes: 2 litres Prepa­ra­tion time: 10 min­utes

Mix ev­ery­thing to­gether with 1,5 litres of wa­ter and re­frig­er­ate. Strain be­fore serv­ing, if you pre­fer. Serve with lots of ice and slices of lemon. Copy the lemon­ade la­bel on page 52 onto card­board and tie to the jar with string. TIP Use the other tem­plates on page 52 to make in-theme la­bels for your wines.

500ml fresh lemon juice 250ml cran­berry juice 200-250ml sugar (to taste) 1 fresh lemon, sliced ice, to serve

Socks for the groom

This is a cute gift to give your groom on the day be­fore your wed­ding. Print the tem­plate on page 51 onto card­board and cut out. Wrap the strip around a pair of socks and place in a wooden gift box.

Gift for the best man

The per­fect gift for the best man: whiskey, a bowtie and a cigar. Pack ev­ery­thing in a wooden gift box and fill the re­main­ing space with pop­corn. Add the ques­tion to the wed­ding em­blem tem­plate on page 54, print it out in the de­sired size, or cut it to fit, and stick it in­side the lid of the box. Tie a rib­bon around the box to com­plete.


Pho­to­copy the tem­plates on page 51, cut out and glue onto match­boxes cov­ered with white pa­per. Place a few on each ta­ble.

Black­board doors, black­board signs, small black­boards, old suit­case, vin­tage cam­era and type­writer, old crates, books, lemon­ade flask with tap and cham­pagne flutes for hire from My Pretty Vin­tage (021 551 2242, events@mypret­tyv­in­tage.com).

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