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To put to­gether our mod­ern, edgy hip­ster theme, we cre­ated an in­spi­ra­tion board of graphic el­e­ments, quirky car­toons, polka dots – and beards, of course.

Set the scene

Use graphic black-and-white pat­terns and com­bine them with splashes of colour and some­thing shiny here and there. Choose mod­ern ta­bles and chairs and dec­o­rate the re­cep­tion venue with strings of lights, bunting and helium bal­loons. An ur­ban bi­cy­cle is both a part of the dé­cor and an el­e­ment in­tro­duced to bring the theme to­gether. Play with pa­per hearts, large cir­cus-style let­ters, a light box with mes­sages and other fun el­e­ments that re­flect the bridal cou­ple’s in­ter­ests and child­hood mem­o­ries, like Lego toys, jars of sweets, crossword puzzles and a golf tro­phy.

Save-the­date cards

Scan the tem­plate on page 93. Type in your names and add a small cal­en­dar for the month of your wed­ding to the de­sign. Space ev­ery­thing neatly, print it out on white card­board and ‘cir­cle’ your wed­ding date with a red heart.


Use our tem­plate on page 93 to de­sign your in­vi­ta­tions. Place them into en­velopes (see be­low) along with the dance step and song re­quest cards (tem­plates on page 94) and colour­ful con­fetti.


Use our tem­plate on page 92 to make en­velopes. Add your wed­ding em­blem, print out on trans­par­ent pa­per and cut them out. Fold them and glue the sides closed.


Scan the em­blem tem­plate on page 94 to your com­puter. Use a de­sign pro­gram (or ask a designer to help you), choose a type­face (see our ar­ti­cle on page 55 for help with this) and fill in your names. You can now use your em­blem ev­ery­where on your pa­per de­signs. Just for fun, we also made each guest a ‘fan’ by print­ing the em­blem on firm card­board, cut­ting it in a square and glu­ing it onto an ice-cream stick.

Seat­ing plan

This seat­ing plan will def­i­nitely break the ice around the ta­ble. Draw cute car­toons of your guests with a pen­cil or black felt-tipped pen and paint or colour in the hair and clothes. Scan the draw­ings to your com­puter, choose a mod­ern type­face and type in the names and the ta­ble num­bers. Have the de­sign printed onto can­vas pa­per, cut the bot­tom edge into a V and glue the top edge onto a dowel stick so you can hang it on the wall with string.

Ta­ble num­bers

Choose a mod­ern type­face and print the ta­ble num­bers onto A3-sized card­board in a large font. Cut the bot­tom edge into a V and stick the num­ber onto some pretty back­ground pa­per. Glue the top edge onto a dowel stick so you can hang it above the ta­ble with string. Also make flags with cute mes­sages on them in a dif­fer­ent type­face and hang them up with the num­bers.

Place-card nap­kin rings

Use candy bracelets as nap­kin rings. Add an origami heart (see fold­ing di­a­gram on page 101) and a la­bel with the guest’s name to each one.

Gift boxes

You can put slices of wed­ding cake or other gifts for the guests into th­ese tri­an­gu­lar boxes. Use the dec­o­ra­tions on page 94 and the tem­plates on pages 96 and 97 and copy them onto card­board in the de­sired size. Cut them out, fold and stick down the sides with dou­ble-sided tape. Line the boxes with wax pa­per if you’re us­ing them for cake.

Drinks trol­ley

Fill a box with ice lol­lies, cold drinks and straws and tie it to the lug­gage rack of your bi­cy­cle to make a quirky drinks trol­ley. Dec­o­rate the box with your wed­ding em­blem, if you pre­fer.

You may kiss the bride

Make your own cup­cake dec­o­ra­tions. Use a wooden peg and paint a black dress suit on one side and a white wed­ding dress on the other. Com­plete the de­tail with a fine-tipped black mark­ing pen. Make a veil for the bride by glu­ing net on her head with a glue gun and dab blusher on her cheeks.

Sweet sta­tion

Hang some shelves on a wall and fill them with jars of sweets. Place pa­per bags close by for your guests to use.

Wed­ding cake

Make this three-tier cake to go with your wed­ding theme. Rice crispy treat tier: melt 200g but­ter and 500g marsh­mal­lows to­gether in a large pot. Add 360g rice crispies and mix un­til the ce­real is evenly coated. Pour into two 15cm cake tins that have been lined and greased well with but­ter. Grease your hands with but­ter and press the ce­real to com­pact it into the pans. Leave to set for a few hours. Re­move from the tins and stick the two lay­ers to­gether. Love hearts tier: cover a 20cm cake with white fon­dant. Use royal ic­ing to stick rows of sweets around the cake – start at the bot­tom and leave small gaps be­tween the rows. Leave to harden. Hun­dreds and thou­sands tier: cover the sides of a 25cm cake in a thick layer of but­ter ic­ing (we used white mar­garine to keep the colour white). Smooth it well and scrape any ex­cess ic­ing off the top edge. Pour the hun­dreds and thou­sands onto a large tray or bak­ing sheet. Hold the cake at the top and the bot­tom with both hands and roll and press the iced sides into the sprin­kles. Once the sides are com­pletely cov­ered, ice the top of the cake care­fully. Spoon sprin­kles over the ic­ing and spread them out gen­tly with your hands.

Finger­print guest­book

Print out the tem­plate on page 95 onto a large sheet of firm card­board and have it stand­ing up some­where at the re­cep­tion. Ask the guests to stamp on a finger­print with coloured ink and sign their names. Af­ter­wards you can draw in ‘strings’ so the prints look like bal­loons.

Lego bou­ton­nières

Make but­ton­holes from Lego fig­ures for your bride­groom and his best man. Glue a small brooch pin onto the back with epoxy glue or an­other glue that won’t dam­age the plas­tic.

Wed­ding tins

Tie th­ese ‘just mar­ried’ tins onto the wed­ding car (or bi­cy­cle) for a touch of nos­tal­gia. Copy the tem­plates on pages 98-100 onto white pa­per in the right size, cut them out and glue them onto the cans with craft glue. Tie them to the car with rough twine.


Make a bou­quet from origami hearts. Use the di­a­gram on page 101 to fold origami hearts from pa­per in dif­fer­ent colours and in var­i­ous sizes. Glue them onto thin dowel sticks with a glue gun and shape them into a bou­quet. Make some ex­tra hearts to place in bot­tles on the ta­bles.

Photo wall

Stick a pic­ture of a gi­ant-sized crossword puz­zle on the wall to serve as your photo wall. Place a con­tainer filled with let­ters nearby so the guests can ‘write’ mes­sages to you on the crossword puz­zle. Also have some props for the pho­tos, like an over­sized ring (in­struc­tions on page 90), and cro­cheted beards (in­struc­tions on page 90).

Gi­ant-sized ring

Use our tem­plate on page 100 to make this photo prop. We cut ours from a large sheet of 2300 mic pa­per chip­board and painted the ring sec­tion with gold craft paint (you can also use gold spray paint or even gold leaf). We sprayed the di­a­mond with spray glue be­fore sprin­kling sil­ver glit­ter over it. Seal the di­a­mond with a clear var­nish so that the glit­ter doesn’t come off.

Cro­cheted beards Abbreviations

ch chain stitch dc dou­ble cro­chet dtr dou­ble tre­ble htr half tre­ble rep re­peat sl st slip stitch sp space st(s) stitch(es) tog to­gether tr tre­ble You will need knit­ting yarn in brown and grey cro­chet hook (size ac­cord­ing to the thick­ness of the yarn you use) ta­pes­try nee­dle

NOTE Use the ba­sic pat­tern for both cro­cheted beards.

To cro­chet Ba­sic pat­tern

The beard is worked from the top down­wards, us­ing a dou­ble strand of yarn. Work 35 ch. Row 1: htr in 2nd ch from hook and in each st across, turn (= 34 htr). Row 2: 2 ch, htr into next 12 sts, sl st into next 10 sts, htr into last 12 sts, turn (= 24 htr). Row 3: 1 ch, htr into next 12 sts, 10 ch, htr into last 12 sts, turn (= 24 htr). Row 4: 1 ch, htr into next 12 sts, 10 htr into 10 ch-sp, htr into last 12 sts, turn (= 34 htr). Row 5: 1 ch, htr into each st across (= 34 htr).

Brown beard

Row 6: 1 ch, *htr 2 tog, htr into next 2 sts, rep from * across, turn (= 25 htr). Row 7: 1 ch, *htr 2 tog, htr into next 3 sts, rep from * across, turn (= 20 htr). Row 8: 1 ch, htr into each st across, turn (= 20 htr). Sl st into each st to end of row. Fas­ten off.

Grey beard

Row 6-8: 1 ch, htr into each st across (= 34 htr). Row 9: 1 ch, *htr 2 tog, htr into next 2 sts, rep from * across, turn (= 25 htr). Row 10: 1 ch, *htr 2 tog, htr into next 3 sts, rep from * across, turn (= 20 htr). Row 11: 1 ch, htr into each st across, turn (= 20 htr). Sl st into each st to end of row. Fas­ten off.

To make up

For the grey beard, cut a few strands of grey yarn long enough to pull a tas­sel through ev­ery sl st-sp. Pull the tas­sels through and trim the ends neatly. Cro­chet loops in grey and brown and sew to the sides of your beards to hook over your ears.

Cro­cheted mous­tache You will need

knit­ting yarn in grey cro­chet hook (size ac­cord­ing to the thick­ness of the yarn you use) ta­pes­try nee­dle

To cro­chet

Work 20 ch. Row 1: 1 dc into 2nd ch from hook, work into ch across row 2 htr, 2 tr, 1 dtr, 1 tr, 1 htr, 1 sl st, 1 htr, 1 tr, 1 dtr, 2 tr, 2 htr, 2 dc, turn. Row 2: work into sts of pre­vi­ous row across row 1 dc, 2 htr, 4 tr, 1 htr, 1 sl st around the mous­tache, 1 htr, 4 tr, 2 htr, 1 dc. Fas­ten off.

To make up

Sew the mous­tache onto the grey beard.

Beard with felt You will need

knit­ting yarn in colour of your choice felt in match­ing colour sewing thread cro­chet hook (size ac­cord­ing to the thick­ness of the yarn you use) scis­sors piece of card­board or hard plas­tic ta­pes­try nee­dle

To make

1 Draw a beard and mous­tache onto the felt (use the photo above as a guide) and cut out. Cut the card­board or plas­tic into a long rec­tan­gle (ap­prox­i­mately two rulers wide). 2 For the beard, wind the yarn around the card­board to form a long sausage (al­most like mak­ing a pom­pom – but length­wise). Gen­tly push the yarn off the card­board and pin onto your felt beard. (Magic tape works well to hold your yarn in place and makes it eas­ier to sew.) 3 Sew your ‘sausage’ onto your felt beard, start­ing at the bot­tom and work­ing up­wards. Sew along the top edge of your sausage, as you will cut open the bot­tom ends of the loops. When all the rows are com­pleted, cut the loops open. 4 Now make a sausage for your mous­tache piece, but sew the yarn down the mid­dle of the sausage shape and cut the loops open on both sides. Trim the mous­tache and sew it in place onto the beard. 5 Cro­chet two loops to form the ear­pieces and sew in place on the side of the beard. Now trim the yarn on the beard into a nice shape.

Fur­ni­ture from Ped­er­son + Len­nard. Props from My Pretty Vin­tage, Typo and Present Space.

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