Pin­ter­est is cer­tainly the most ad­dic­tive of so­cial me­dia sites and one of the big­gest driv­ers of its pop­u­lar­ity is wed­dings. Th­ese days very few women plan a wed­ding with­out first seek­ing in­spi­ra­tion here. And rightly so – Pin­ter­est is king and of­fers the best help that any bride could ask for. There are the pret­ti­est pho­tos of ev­ery­thing from dresses to hair­styles and a flood of ideas for the bride who re­ally wants to take her wed­ding into her own hands. This is, how­ever, also the prob­lem: with so many ideas there is a real dan­ger th­ese days that wed­dings will be­come a mixed-up mess of dif­fer­ent styles be­cause brides want to use ev­ery idea that they see. Fo­cus is the big se­cret! Be­cause we de­cided to tackle this spe­cial edi­tion as a bride would, we also be­gan to plan us­ing Pin­ter­est. It’s im­por­tant to make an in­spi­ra­tion board from which ev­ery­thing else will flow. If you have al­ready de­cided on a style, it is that much eas­ier. If not, ask your­self what colours make you happy, what style you are al­ways drawn to and if you will still find that style at­trac­tive af­ter a few years. Do you pre­fer flow­ers or are you more of a ‘green’ na­ture and leaf per­son? Does raw wood make your heart beat a lit­tle faster or is it bling that makes your eyes twin­kle? There are won­der­ful styles avail­able but they are not nec­es­sar­ily your style. There are also many fan­tas­tic dresses, but they might not be right for your per­son­al­ity or body, and on this big day in your life you want to feel and look at ease. When you look back years later, you don’t want to think that some­thing was just a ‘phase’ – you al­ways want to think your wed­ding was won­der­ful and a re­flec­tion of the two of you as a cou­ple. You can start the process in dif­fer­ent ways: if you know that you want a vin­tage-style wed­ding, then search for vin­tage wed­dings on Pin­ter­est and you will get all the wed­dings that fall un­der this theme. How­ever, if you are not sure what theme you want, type in ‘DIY wed­dings’ and then fol­low our five-point plan to use Pin­ter­est in a way that will help you fo­cus your ideas. 1 First search for pho­tos on Pin­ter­est and on wed­ding sites. Make a folder on your com­puter with the name ‘wed­ding’. Save all your pho­tos in this folder. 2 Pin­ter­est is like an onion with lots of dif­fer­ent lay­ers. The photo that you see can lead you to the site from which it was pinned and on that web­site you may find other wed­dings to view. In this way you can delve even deeper look­ing for more ideas! 3 When you feel that you have enough pho­tos, fol­low this next step: look at your pho­tos and de­cide which be­longs with which theme. For this spe­cial edi­tion we de­cided on a black­board theme, a Mex­i­can theme, a hip­ster theme and a ro­man­tic Mid­sum­mer Night’sdream theme. There are heaps of dif­fer­ent ideas – make sub-fold­ers in your wed­ding folder for pos­si­ble themes that you like. 4 Store the pho­tos that fit with each theme in their ap­pro­pri­ate folder.

With so many ideas on the in­ter­net it’s im­por­tant to make your­self just one in­spi­ra­tion board and then to stick with it. We help you to make one.

5 You can also make more sub-fold­ers for the fol­low­ing and store pho­tos there:

• Wed­ding dress

• Hair

• Flow­ers

• Brides­maids

• In­vi­ta­tions, save-the-date cards, thank-you cards, and so on

• Cakes

If you pre­fer, you can pin the pho­tos on Pin­ter­est boards, but in the end you will want to make one board that you can print out and keep at hand. Most of the hard work is now done and it’s time to de­cide on one theme and make your in­spi­ra­tion board. You can make one on Pho­to­shop, on Word or on a de­sign pro­gram such as In­de­sign. Oth­er­wise, you can sim­ply print the pho­tos out in colour, cut them out and stick them on a piece of black card­board. Fol­low our ex­am­ples. The key to suc­cess is to stick with the ideas on your board. You can plan your whole wed­ding this way, from the colour scheme to the flow­ers and the dress. Take your in­spi­ra­tion board with you when you go to look for dresses or flow­ers, or when you con­sult the caterer so that ev­ery­one who is work­ing on your wed­ding knows pre­cisely what you want. Say ‘no thanks’ to any other sug­ges­tions and re­fer ev­ery­one back to your board. You don’t need to make ev­ery­one else happy – just your­self. Now spring into ac­tion and start plan­ning your dream wed­ding!

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