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Amaze your guests with a mag­i­cal wed­ding in a for­est fairy­land, just like Shake­speare’s

Set the scene

The play A mid­sum­mer night’s dream with its but­ter­flies, fairies and wood­land scenes was our in­spi­ra­tion for this charm­ing ta­ble. Keep ev­ery­thing soft and misty and bring in touches of gold and sil­ver to cre­ate a mag­i­cal feel. Set the ta­ble with pretty glass and porce­lain and com­bine th­ese el­e­ments with a va­ri­ety of vin­tage pieces to com­ple­ment the theme. Add some flo­ral dec­o­ra­tions that you have made your­self. Fin­ish off with soft can­dle­light for a wed­ding that no-one will for­get.

Swing above the ta­ble

Hang a weath­ered plank in a tree or from the ceil­ing for a touch of child­hood nos­tal­gia. Tie the plank from rough string above the bridal ta­ble, dec­o­rate it with some Span­ish moss, creep­ers, flow­ers and pa­per but­ter­flies (see our tem­plates on page 30) and ar­range dec­o­ra­tive glasses and old-fash­ioned books on it.


Use ex­otic flow­ers like or­chids and com­bine them with white tulips and del­i­cate wild flow­ers, all loosely ar­ranged. Bring in touches of green with pieces of Span­ish moss, branches and creep­ers, and don’t for­get to add a touch of gold spray paint here and there.

Ta­ble num­bers

Make gold ta­ble num­bers and place them un­der glass domes. Cut out the num­bers in the type­face of your choice (see page 55 for ad­vice on how to choose your font) from sturdy card­board. Work on news­pa­per, paint the en­tire num­ber with a wa­ter-based craft glue and sprin­kle gold glit­ter all over it. Place it on a piece of wood un­der the dome and fin­ish off with moss, a gilded fruit and some but­ter­flies.

Charmed fruit

Use ap­ples and pears that still have their stems. Work on news­pa­per and paint the en­tire fruit with a wa­ter-based craft glue. Sprin­kle gold glit­ter over the fruit and shake off the ex­cess. Leave to dry and use as ta­ble dec­o­ra­tions.


Use the wed­ding em­blem as a mo­tif run­ning through­out the wed­ding. Scan the tem­plate on page 33 to your com­puter. Use a de­sign pro­gram to add your ini­tials and wed­ding date to the de­sign in your cho­sen type­face.

Ta­ble plan

Cre­ate this whim­si­cal ta­ble plan with but­ter­flies in gold frames. Copy our but­ter­flies on page 30 in colour onto sheets of trac­ing pa­per and ac­etate and cut them out. Each brooch needs one pa­per but­ter­fly and one in ac­etate. Use a glue gun to stick the pa­per but­ter­fly onto the ac­etate but­ter­fly with a small drop of glue. Fold the pa­per but­ter­fly’s wings so it looks as if it is flut­ter­ing. Glue a small brass safety pin onto the back of the but­ter­fly with the pin tip fac­ing up and out­wards. For the frames, we used pages from an old book as the back­ground with a sheet of trac­ing pa­per over the top. Cut thin sheets of poly­styrene to mount in the frames and stick the two sheets of pa­per over the top us­ing a suit­able glue. Cut strips with the ta­ble num­bers and the guests’ names. To put it all to­gether, open the but­ter­flies’ pins and press them in place in­side the frame. Glue the ta­ble num­ber to the frame and stick the name strips be­low the but­ter­flies in their cor­rect po­si­tions. As the guests ar­rive, they take their brooches and pin them on.

Save-the-date cards

Use the tem­plate on page 28, en­ter the de­tails and print out. Place them in en­velopes that match the cards.


Use the tem­plate on page 29 and cre­ate the in­vi­ta­tions in the same way as the save-the-date cards. Tie them to an old pic­ture with twine and fin­ish off with a wax seal.


Copy the en­ve­lope tem­plate on page 92 in the de­sired size and cut it out from our hand­writ­ing pa­per (pa­per 31). Glue it onto gold pa­per with spray glue, cut it out and fold it. Seal the side edges with dou­ble-sided tape.

Ta­ble run­ners

Use our tem­plates on pages 32-34 to make run­ners for your ta­ble. Type your menu onto one of run­ners for each ta­ble. Print the tem­plates out on A3 sheets of pa­per and use a small ma­chine stitch to sew the sheets to­gether. For a neater fin­ish, you can stick them to­gether with dou­ble-sided tape.


This guest­book (be­low) is per­fect for the Shake­spearean theme. Buy small en­velopes and stick them in­side a large gold frame with dou­ble-sided ad­he­sive tape. Lean the frame up against the wall. Copy our let­ter tem­plate on page 29, cut out and place a pile of them on a lit­tle ta­ble along with a feather pen and jar of ink.

La­bels for cut­lery

Copy the ‘thanks for shar­ing our first meal’ la­bel on page 28 onto card­board, cut it out, punch a hole in it and tie it onto the cut­lery with a piece of twine.

Chair dec­o­ra­tions

In­stead of or­di­nary chair bows, you can be quite cre­ative and make chair dec­o­ra­tions that fit in with the rest of your dé­cor.

• Dec­o­rate some of the chairs with moss, creep­ers and fresh flow­ers.

• Dec­o­rate other chairs by drap­ing fab­ric with a fairy mo­tif over them.

• Make pa­per but­ter­flies us­ing our tem­plates on page 30 and at­tach them to the chairs.

• Tie a vin­tage bot­tle onto each chair’s back­rest with rough twine. Hang a place-card la­bel (see be­low) from the bot­tles and place a few flow­ers in the bot­tles.

• Hang spe­cial boards on the new­ly­weds’ chairs, like our Mr and Mrs ones.

Place cards

The place cards dou­ble as ex­tra chair dec­o­ra­tions. Scan our place-card la­bel on page 28 to your com­puter, use a de­sign pro­gram to en­ter the names in the type­face of your choice and print out on card­board. Cut them out, punch a hole and thread through a length of twine. Tie each one to a vin­tage bot­tle, fill the bot­tle with flow­ers and hang it from a chair back­rest.


Dec­o­rate a two-layer cake that has been iced with fon­dant. Gold bot­tom layer Mix ed­i­ble gold pow­der food colour­ing with a clear al­co­hol like vodka to make a gold ‘paint’. Use a large, flat paint­brush to paint the mix­ture over the sides of the cake. Keep a neat edge along the top. If the paint be­comes too thick, add a few more drops of al­co­hol. Leave to dry overnight. Top layer with flower wreath Mark the wreath’s gold twigs with a nee­dle around the mid­dle of the cake. Pipe royal ic­ing around the cake us­ing the marks as a guide. Leave to dry for an hour. Use a small soft paint­brush to paint gold over the royal ic­ing. Use royal ic­ing to stick fon­dant flow­ers and pe­tals (you can make your own or buy them from a bak­ing shop) onto and around the twigs to form the wreath. Brush an ed­i­ble lus­tre dust over the wreath for ex­tra shim­mer. Leave to dry overnight. Fin­ish off with some but­ter­flies.

Cake dec­o­ra­tions

Use our but­ter­fly tem­plates on page 30 and make a colour copy in the de­sired size on medium-weight card­board. Cut out the but­ter­flies with a craft knife and cut­ting mat, fold them and at­tach them to the cake with small pins. You can also dec­o­rate the but­ter­flies with a bit of gold glit­ter.

Meringue tower

This sweet ‘tree’ is a per­fect fit with the en­chanted theme.

Makes: 40-60 Prepa­ra­tion time: 20 min­utes Bak­ing time: 1 hour, plus dry­ing time Oven tem­per­a­ture: 120oc

4 large egg whites, at room tem­per­a­ture 2ml cream of tar­tar 200g (230ml) cas­tor sugar 2ml vanilla essence ed­i­ble gold dust

1 Beat the egg whites un­til soft peaks form. Add the cream of tar­tar and a pinch of salt and beat un­til the egg whites are stiff. 2 Add the cas­tor sugar – just 25ml at a time – and beat well af­ter each ad­di­tion to dis­solve the sugar. 3 Fold in the vanilla essence to­gether with the last 25ml sugar. 4 Line bak­ing sheets with bak­ing pa­per. Spoon the meringue mix­ture into a pip­ing bag with a round noz­zle and pipe small cir­cles onto the bak­ing sheets. Bake for an hour in a pre­heated oven. Switch the oven off and leave the meringues to dry in the oven for two hours or overnight. 5 Cover cone-shaped florist’s foam with gold pa­per and place it on a pretty cake stand. Use tooth­picks to at­tach the meringues to the florist’s foam. Fin­ish off with ed­i­ble gold dust and a but­ter­fly cut from gold glit­ter pa­per.

Flower pa­per lanterns

Th­ese pretty lanterns will not only add to the at­mos­phere at your wed­ding, they will also look lovely in your home af­ter­wards. Buy Chi­nese pa­per lanterns in the size of your choice and dec­o­rate them with faux flow­ers – re­move the stems and sepals first. We glued some crys­tals onto strings of wire with a glue gun and added flow­ers, but­ter­flies and pearl dec­o­ra­tions. Re­mem­ber, for the lan­tern to hang straight both sides must be dec­o­rated in the same way. Hang the lanterns from rib­bons at dif­fer­ent heights above the ta­bles.

Photo wall

Cre­ate a mag­i­cal back­ground for your guests’ pho­tos. Find a quote that you like, type it on your com­puter and print it out over two A0-size sheets of pa­per. Join the pa­per into a long strip by stick­ing the sheets to­gether with dou­ble-sided tape. At­tach it to a branch that is dec­o­rated with flow­ers and but­ter­flies and hang it against the wall.

Con­fetti cones

Choose dif­fer­ent types of A4-sized pa­per that fit with your theme and cut them in a square. Turn the pa­per so it forms a rhom­bus and fold into a cone. Seal the open edge with dou­ble-sided tape at the back of the cone. Punch a hole in the top tip, fold it over and mark where it goes over the top edge of the cone. Fold it open and punch a hole at the place that you marked. Cut strips with a suit­able mes­sage on them out of trac­ing pa­per. Punch a hole at the top edge of the strip and cut a V-shaped notch at the bot­tom edge. Fill the cone with con­fetti, place the mes­sage strip over the legs of a pa­per brad and use the brad to seal the cone. Fin­ish off by glu­ing a pa­per but­ter­fly over the open legs of the brad. TIP Use a pat­tern punch to make your own con­fetti from the pages of an old book.

Book ring holder

This ro­man­tic ring holder is a won­der­ful prop for your wed­ding pho­tos. Choose an old book and place a sheet of ac­etate just in front of the ti­tle page. Close the book firmly so that all the pages are tight against each other and paint wood glue around the pa­per edges so that the out­side edges stick to­gether. Place some­thing heavy, like a brick, on the book and leave it to dry overnight. The next day you can take away the brick and care­fully re­move the sheet of ac­etate. Use your craft knife and metal ruler to mea­sure the open­ing on the in­side and cut it out. Cut over the same line again and again un­til the open­ing is deep enough and the cor­ners are as neat as pos­si­ble. Place a lit­tle moss in the open­ing and fin­ish off with a but­ter­fly or two.

But­ter­fly bou­quet

This bou­quet could be­long to a wood nymph! Copy our but­ter­flies on page 30 in dif­fer­ent sizes onto card­board, trac­ing pa­per and ac­etate and cut them out. Dec­o­rate some but­ter­flies with a bit of gold glit­ter af­ter first spray­ing them lightly with spray glue. Spray lightly over a few but­ter­flies with matt gold spray paint as well. Bend over the tip of a length of green florist’s wire then glue a but­ter­fly onto each wire with a glue gun. Tie them into a bou­quet along with del­i­cate twigs (also avail­able from florists) and a gold or­ganza rib­bon.

But­ter­fly neck­lace

Make a neck­lace that matches your bou­quet. Use our page of but­ter­flies again, en­large it and copy it onto ac­etate and trac­ing pa­per. Cut off the wings and press a metal eye­let into each one. Thread them into a neck­lace us­ing gold cord and make a knot af­ter each wing to keep it in place. Fin­ish off by glu­ing smaller but­ter­flies onto the wings with a glue gun. Spray some of them lightly with matt gold paint, if you pre­fer.


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