Pretty Hair

Wedding Ideas - - TEMPLATES - By CARIN SMITH pho­tos ED O’RI­LEY

Here are a few easy-to-do hair­styles for your wed­ding or any other spe­cial event.

Start with a sleek pony­tail. Fold the pony­tail around your hand to cre­ate a dough­nut shape. Take the end of the pony­tail through the hole and around the bun. Se­cure the bun with hair­pins. Set with hair spray and fin­ish off with a dec­o­ra­tive hair­pin.

Divide the hair just above the pony­tail in the mid­dle to cre­ate an open­ing. Use a comb to tease your pony­tail, work­ing on a sec­tion at a time. Thread your pony­tail through this open­ing. Gather the teased hair to­gether loosely in a pony­tail and fold it over your hand. Tuck the ends in to cre­ate a large bun. Start with a sleek pony­tail. Divide your pony­tail into two and pull tight. Fas­ten the chignon with hair­pins – about six will do. Fin­ish off with a pretty hair­pin.

Start with two small braids, one on ei­ther side of your head. Wrap the re­main­ing two braids around your head. Tuck in un­der­neath the thick braids and se­cure with hair­pins. RIGHT: Leave the braids neat, or pull strands out from the braids to cre­ate a...

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