Women who be­lieve they are an­gels

Michelle Gor­don is one of thou­sands who be­lieve they have been sent from heaven to make the world a bet­ter place

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MICHELLE Gor­don re­alised that she wasn’t like other chil­dren when she started hav­ing out-of-body ex­pe­ri­ences at age 3.

“At night I would see my­self fly­ing over my gar­den,” says Gor­don, now 34. “I know it wasn’t a dream be­cause the gar­den was al­ways ex­actly as it was in real life.

“I vividly re­mem­ber run­ning down the stairs in the morn­ing won­der­ing why I couldn’t fly any more.”

Many chil­dren go through a phase think­ing they have mag­i­cal pow­ers. They’ve usu­ally grown out of it, how­ever, by the time they stop be­liev­ing in Fa­ther Christ­mas.

Yet Gor­don’s sense that she was some­how dif­fer­ent to those around her only in­ten­si­fied as she grew older.

She’s been in­cred­i­bly sen­si­tive to other peo­ple’s emo­tions since child­hood. And she’s be­come con­vinced that she has a pur­pose – a spe­cial mis­sion to do good in the world.

Yet it wasn’t un­til a decade ago, she says, that it all fi­nally made sense. Gor­don has come to be­lieve she is an “Earth An­gel”, one of thou­sands of women con­vinced the only ex­pla­na­tion for their un­canny pow­ers of spir­i­tual in­tu­ition is that they are ac­tu­ally an­gels, sent from heaven to make the earthly world a bet­ter place.

For Gor­don, who lives in the For­est of Dean, it was a huge re­lief to dis­cover she was not alone. She says she was bul­lied at school be­cause she was “dif­fer­ent”, and her ex­tra­or­di­nary abil­ity to empathise is a gift and a bur­den.

“It can be very pain­ful,” she says. “I pick up in­stantly on moods. Be­ing in a crowded place such as a su­per­mar­ket can be ter­ri­bly up­set­ting as I ab­sorb other peo­ple’s neg­a­tive emo­tions.”

Those who claim to be Earth An­gels share many traits: they say they have al­ways felt dif­fer­ent from their peers; feel other peo­ple’s pain acutely; are driven to help others; have ex­pe­ri­ences they feel can only be ex­plained by the ex­is­tence of a spir­i­tual world; and of­ten have a strong sense of hav­ing lived pre­vi­ous lives on earth.

Like other Earth An­gels, Michelle de­votes much of her time to car­ry­ing out small acts of kind­ness.

She vol­un­teers mak­ing clothes for Cher­ished Gowns, a char­ity that do­nates clothes for still­born ba­bies to be buried in, and buys food and warm­ing drinks for home­less peo­ple.

“Most of all I’m con­vinced that my job is to ed­u­cate the world,” she says. She adds that Earth An­gels have a heav­enly form that is of­ten dif­fer­ent from their earthly bod­ies. “The real, heav­enly me is taller, slim­mer with long grey hair and called Vel­vet.”

Gor­don, cur­rently sin­gle, says she is ter­ri­fied of hav­ing chil­dren – which she at­tributes to her mem­o­ries of past lives on earth.

“I’m con­vinced that in one of my many pre­vi­ous lives, I died in child­birth,” she says.

To many, the idea of Earth An­gels will sound bonkers, but scan the in­ter­net and there are rafts of web­sites, books and videos de­voted to the con­cept.

Mean­while, many Earth An­gels have had a deep-rooted sense of them­selves as an an­gel from child­hood, long be­fore they could read about it on­line.

Kelly Draper was just 5 when she squat­ted down in the school play­ground, gazed up at the clouds, squeezed her eyes tight shut and prayed as hard as she could: “Please an­gels, let me come home.” “I des­per­ately wanted to go back to heaven,” says Draper, 39.

To­day, her con­vic­tion that she has a spe­cial con­nec­tion with heaven is stronger than ever, though she ac­knowl­edges others will think the idea ec­cen­tric at the very least.

“I know it may sound bizarre, but I am con­vinced I am an an­gel,” she says, a sup­port worker who lives in Derby with her hus­band Carl, 39, a learn­ing dis­abil­ity sup­port worker, and their chil­dren Thomas, 4, and Frances, 2.

“I can’t think of any other way to ex­plain the deep sense I’ve had since child­hood that I’ve got a heav­enly mis­sion. As a child I was hugely sen­si­tive and never felt like I fit­ted in. I’d reg­u­larly come home in tears be­cause the teacher had got cross with a class­mate and I had felt her pain. I be­lieved I’d been an an­gel in heaven in a pre­vi­ous life and I longed to go back.

“Like other Earth An­gels, though, I now be­lieve I am on earth for a rea­son. The world is such a cruel, scary place. Our job as an­gels is to make peo­ple feel a lit­tle hap­pier – and help to open their hearts,” she adds.

“I’m still par­tic­u­larly at­tuned to peo­ple in need.

I can’t walk past a beg­gar with­out giv­ing them a sand­wich or a cup of cof­fee.

“If I see an am­bu­lance, I say a silent prayer for the pa­tient in­side and vi­su­alise it speed­ing safely to hos­pi­tal on an­gel wings.”

It wasn’t un­til four years ago, dur­ing a time of emo­tional tur­moil, that Draper de­cided to fully em­brace her Earth An­gel role. Pre­vi­ously it had been a side of her­self she kept pri­vate.

Hav­ing tried for a baby with hus­band Carl for 10 years, she fi­nally con­ceived. But not long af­ter­wards she learnt her mother, Joy, a nurse, was dy­ing of lung can­cer.

“I was 19 weeks preg­nant with Thomas when mum was told she was ter­mi­nally ill. Within weeks I went from ut­ter bliss to dev­as­ta­tion.”

Joy clung to life un­til Thomas was six months old.

In the depths of de­spair, Draper sud­denly de­cided she had to use her pain – and an­gelic call­ing – to help peo­ple.

“I re­alised I have a mis­sion to bring com­fort to the sick and dy­ing, so I am re­train­ing as a Reiki masseuse,” she says.

“This form of mas­sage uses touch to en­cour­age the flow of the body’s en­er­gies. My dream is to be able to drive round help­ing peo­ple in their homes.”

She also has Carl’s sup­port: “I joke that Carl is an an­gel for putting up with me. He doesn’t choose to ex­plore the spir­i­tual side of life, but he sup­ports my be­liefs.”

Ruth Brad­shaw is also con­vinced she was sent from heaven with a mis­sion – in her case, to com­mu­ni­cate with an­i­mals. Two years ago she quit her suc­cess­ful mar­ket­ing job and re­trained as an “an­i­mal whis­perer”. Now she di­vides her time be­tween vol­un­teer­ing for an an­i­mal sanc­tu­ary and us­ing her abil­i­ties to help an­i­mals in dis­tress.

Brad­shaw says she knew she was dif­fer­ent at the age of 11, when she started see­ing ghosts. Brad­shaw, 41, who lives with her hus­band, IT con­sul­tant Chris, 37, says: “The first time it hap­pened I was with my best friend. We were play­ing in her swim­ming pool when I looked up and saw her mum – who had died – gaz­ing down at us from her bed­room win­dow.

“I’m con­vinced her mum was us­ing me as a chan­nel to re­as­sure my friend she was still tak­ing care of her. I wasn’t scared. And when I told my friend, she was re­as­sured.”

She adds: “For as long as I can re­mem­ber I’ve had an affin­ity with an­i­mals. Wounded an­i­mals grav­i­tate to me. It was of­ten dis­tress­ing be­cause I felt their pain like a phys­i­cal ache.’

An ex­pe­ri­ence with a res­cue cat she re-homed six years ago con­vinced her she could com­mu­ni­cate with an­i­mals.

“The cat started pee­ing on my bed,” she says. “One day she looked me in the eye and I in­stantly knew she was say­ing, ‘Stop leav­ing me at home alone’. She’d been wet­ting my bed in protest.

“Now I ex­plain ev­ery time I leave how long I’ll be gone for. For ex­am­ple I say: ‘I’ll be back in two sun­sets.’ And there has not been a prob­lem since. I re­alise there will be peo­ple who are scep­ti­cal and think it sounds mad, but it’s true.”

She adds: “Like many Earth An­gels, end­less co­in­ci­dences hap­pen to me. I’ll be think­ing of a friend at the very mo­ment they ring me. I once changed a flight on a whim and found my­self sit­ting next to a to­tal stranger who has since be­come one of my best friends.”

Like Michelle, Ruth is con­vinced she has lived past lives on earth. “It’s a stand­ing joke with my hus­band that I know in­ti­mate de­tails of places I’ve never vis­ited be­fore,” she says.

“He is a very log­i­cal man. But even he can’t ex­plain the weird things that hap­pen to me.” – Daily Mail

● Michelle Gor­don’s books about Earth An­gels are avail­able through her web­site, michel­le­gor­don.co.uk.

For more in­for­ma­tion visit earth­angel­sanc­tu­ary.com.

Michelle Gor­don be­lieves she is an an­gel who has been sent to earth to help peo­ple.

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