Jour­ney into un­known reaches of in­ter­net

Ralph and Vanel­lope em­bark on emo­tional roller-coaster of an ad­ven­ture in this se­quel

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THE se­quel to the beloved 2012 Pixar film,

is fi­nally here and this time Ralph and Vanel­lope’s ad­ven­tures will take them be­yond the ar­cade and into the vast, un­known reaches of the in­ter­net in

Wreck-It Ralph

Ralph Breaks the In­ter­net.

Co-writer Phil John­ston, who worked on the orig­i­nal film said: “Ralph and Vanel­lope had only known each other for a short time, yet they be­came best friends and we love them for that. But it didn’t feel like their story was over; there were still more ad­ven­tures to be had.”

And more ad­ven­tures they cer­tainly got, with a story that sees Vanel­lope (voiced by Sarah Sil­ver­man) be­com­ing bored with her game, and want­ing to ex­pand her hori­zons.

Ralph (John C Reilly), mean­while, couldn’t be hap­pier with his role in

Tragedy strikes when Ralph, in an at­tempt to make Vanel­lope’s game a bit more fun, un­wit­tingly sets off a chain of events that ends with a player rip­ping off the steer­ing wheel of

Lit­wak, the ar­cade’s owner, learns that re­plac­ing the steer­ing wheel would


Sugar cost more than the game makes in a year, and says he will have to un­plug the game and sell it for parts.

To save Vanel­lope’s home, the two friends jour­ney to the in­ter­net to find a place called Ebay where they might find a steer­ing wheel for and an emo­tional, hi­lar­i­ous jour­ney en­sues.

Join­ing Ralph and Vanel­lope are some fresh faces, such as Shank (Gal Gadot), a tough-as-nails racer from the game and Yesss (Taraji P Hen­son), the lead pro­gram of the video site BuzzzTube.

Sugar Rush,

Slaugh­ter Race,

Along­side them are some re­turn­ing char­ac­ters, in­clud­ing Ralph’s friend

Fix-It Felix Jr (Jack McBrayer) and the bat­tle-hard­ened Sergeant Cal­houn (Jane Lynch). While it is a fun and up­beat af­fair, there is still lots of emo­tion on dis­play in the sec­ond film.

will make peo­ple laugh, but some of the emo­tional strug­gles that Ralph and Vanel­lope go through in this movie are pretty in­tense and com­pli­cated,” John­ston added.

is in cin­e­mas now and is def­i­nitely worth a look if you en­joyed the first film.

Wreck-It Ralph “Ralph Breaks the In­ter­net

Ralph Breaks the In­ter­net

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