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Weekend Argus (Saturday Edition) - - JELLYBEAN JOURNAL RECIPE BEANS -

Q: Where do pen­cils go for va­ca­tion? A: Pen­cil-va­nia.

Q: Why did the girl smear peanut but­ter on the road?

A: To go with the traf­fic jam!

Q: What are the strong­est days of the week? A: Satur­day and Sun­day. Ev­ery other day is a week­day

Q: Why did they quit giv­ing tests at the zoo? A: Be­cause it was full of chee­tahs

Q: What do you call a mon­key that loves potato chips?

A: A chip­monk

Q: Why was the broom late

A: It over­swept

Q: Why did the golfer wear two pairs of pants? A: In case he got a

hole in one

Q: What word starts with E and has only one let­ter in it?

A: En­ve­lope.

Q: Why is dark spelled with a K and not a C? A: Be­cause you can’t see in the dark

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