Weekend Argus (Saturday Edition)

Passionate arts pioneer eager to engage


PHENOMENAL and selfless arts pioneer Marlene le Roux will be a guest on the Weekend Argus Facebook page next Friday in an informativ­e and eye-opening webinar.

Speaking to Weekend Argus, Le Roux said she could not stress the importance of the webinar enough.

“It is important that we can engage with one another and learn from each other. I believe that if you open yourself up and share yourself with others you are able to teach and learn and also open doors for others,” she said.

Le Roux is passionate about “arts and culture to empower and enable disadvanta­ged groups and to make a difference in another human being’s life”.

She said it was time “arts was prioritise­d in schools because art is also a tool which helps to develop critical thinking – it can be used as a vehicle where we can communicat­e and engage with one another so as to better embrace one another”.

With a Master’s of Philosophy in Disability Studies from UCT and an Honorary Doctorate in Education from CPUT, Le Roux has broken many barriers and is now chief executive of the renowned Artscape Theatre Centre.

Over the years Le Roux has won many awards and accolades, including Fair Saturday Award, awarded in Bilbao, Spain for human rights.


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