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Audience will be spellbound by Rubushe’s magic tricks


MAGIC has the power to make people smile, laugh and put you on the edge of your seat. And that’s exactly what Khanya Rubushe plans to do at the virtual Western Cape Junior Magician Championsh­ips today.

Rubushe, 19, is among six finalists, who will take part in the close-up magic contest category (manipulati­on of cards and coins).

The finalists filmed a 10-minute act which was submitted to the organising team and they will be judged on visual impact, presentati­on and presence, entertainm­ent value, magical ability and technical skill.

Rubushe, who won the stage magic contest (which involved grand illusions) last year, will showcase his picnic magic act. The College of Magic student will make strawberri­es vanish and reappear, coupled with some games to engage and entice his audience.

“I’m looking forward to this year’s competitio­n. I just hope everything will go well because I’ve been working really hard on this close-up act.

“The picnic magic act is cool and amazing, with a touch of romance. I’ve seen the amazing things other College of Magic graduates have created to wow their audiences.

“Their incredible feats of magic inspired me to work on a close-up magic act of my own,” he said.

At the age of 11, the Khayelitsh­a resident was inspired by a magician who came to perform at his primary school. Since then, he always wanted to be a magician.

“I chose magic because

I’ve found that it has the power to make people smile.

Magic is an art form that encourages interactio­n and communicat­ion. It is skills I didn’t have the confidence for before.

“Now that I have studied magic, I have gained those skills and I enjoy using them,” said Rubushe, whose goals are to gain more experience, create his own band and produce his own shows.

This year’s event will be hosted by one of South

Africa’s leading comedians and graduate of the College of Magic, Stuart Taylor and comedy magician Ran’D Shine from the US.

Taylor said: “I’m always blown away by the fact that the quality seems to improve each year. I’m sure there will be no exception this year and I’m preparing myself to be amazed.

“You really want to do your very best in order to hopefully be crowned champ for the year.”

To watch the show, register on: https://bit. ly/3j4Ifwg. Show starts at 2.30pm and is free.

 ??  ?? KHANYA Rubushe, 19, won the stage magic contest at the Western Cape Junior Magician Championsh­ips last year.
KHANYA Rubushe, 19, won the stage magic contest at the Western Cape Junior Magician Championsh­ips last year. PICTURE: SUPPLIED

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