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World Animal Day is a chance for all to learn to value, love, respect creatures

- KHANYISA CEBO khanyisa.cebo@inl.co.za

WORLD Animal Day, which took place on Wednesday, promotes animal welfare worldwide, and is a great opportunit­y for you to understand more about their world. Here are a few interestin­g facts.

This year’s theme is “Great or Small, Love Them All” and is a reminder to appreciate and value all living things that are a part of our ecosystem.

Jessica Perrins, from Animal Welfare Society Stellenbos­ch, said that to the organisati­on, every day was about the animals but they always appreciate initiative­s, like World Animal Day.

“Events like these highlight the importance of animal welfare and the incredible organisati­ons that work tirelessly to change the lives of those who cannot speak,” said Perrins.

Perrins said that dogs sweat through their paws and noses, and puppies were born with their eyes closed which only open after three weeks.

Another interestin­g fact is that cats sleep for 70% of their lives, and a male cat is called Tom. Oh yes, do you remember the Tom and Jerry cartoon series?

A sterile pet is a happy pet because it reduces stress and encourages better behaviour.

“(It) also prevents thousands of litters of unwanted animals,reduces aggression, and also reduces the risk of cancer – ovarian and uterine cancer in female pets and testicular cancer in male pets – and also reduces the incidence of disease.”

Perrins said that animals had rights and freedoms, which include freedom from hunger and thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, and disease.

“Also freedom to express normal or natural behaviour and from fear and distress.”

Some animals are domesticat­ed, wild, endangered, or in danger due to deteriorat­ing environmen­tal conditions or a lack of protection.

Children can participat­e in childfrien­dly animal-related activities to celebrate this day by visiting local animal shelters and organisati­ons that protect animals and donating items like food, and pet toys.

They can donate to their favourite animal rights organisati­on.

World Animal Day is important because it educates children about the importance of preserving ecosystems and helps them learn more about animals.

 ?? Shuttersto­ck ?? ANIMALS come in a wide variety. They need to be treated with love, respect and appreciati­on.
Shuttersto­ck ANIMALS come in a wide variety. They need to be treated with love, respect and appreciati­on.

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