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Delft call centre to focus on job creation


THE building with an interior similar to a futuristic spaceship would be at home among the skyscraper­s of New York.

But these offices are on the streets of densely populated Delft township.

Software company ZaiLab have partnered with the Zoe Incubation Centre, which is run out of the Home of Compassion in Delft, to construct a call centre and training facility to create jobs for the community.

The centre will open next month and will have 60 computer terminals for training and work. It will also feature a device that looks more like a microwave but the machine is a steriliser for the headsets worn by the agents.

The long-term goals of the centre are to create more jobs through the expansion of the centre.

ZaiLab chief executive Nour Addine Ayyoub said the call centre industry was one of the main contributo­rs of jobs in the country but were mainly located in CBD’s with employees having to travel long distances to get to work.

“People are spending 20-30% of their salary on transport costs and sometimes have to spend as much as four hours in a taxi each day.

“These are people with families and children to support. Having a contact centre closer to our communitie­s is a shift in the right direction in terms of employment creation, skills developmen­t and economic developmen­t,” he said.

Ayyoub said the beauty of the contact centre was that the software Zailab was providing was based in the cloud and the only thing necessary is to have connectivi­ty.

“We can build this beautiful centre and bring in all the infrastruc­ture but it’s the software that really makes this business model work. The software has artificial learning so it sees what tasks the person performs best at and assigns them those tasks accordingl­y.

“The only time we want a manager to step in is when there is a problem.

“We don’t want to track performanc­e but delegate tasks properly,” he said.

The traditiona­l business model of a contact centre is for a company to come in and buy a certain amount of seats in the centre, which means the company would pay for those seats to be contracted to them and man their call centre operations.

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