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Nei­ther vul­ner­a­ble. South deals.

Open­ing lead: Three of ♣

North-South were us­ing Key Card Black­wood, so the five spade bid promised two key cards, among the four aces and the king of trumps, plus the queen of trumps.

An­drew Rob­son, Eng­land’s lead­ing player, pub­lished a bridge tip that was fea­tured in this space not long ago: “When a pre­emp­tive bid­der leads a plain suit against a trump con­tract, play for the lead to be a sin­gle­ton. When he leads from a bro­ken hold­ing in his own suit, play him for a sin­gle­ton trump”. South in to­day’s deal took full ad­van­tage of that tip.

South rose with dummy’s ace on the open­ing club lead and then drew trumps in three rounds. West fol­low­ing to all three rounds re­in­forced the idea that the club lead had been a sin­gle­ton. De­clarer saw that he could not af­ford to lead the queen of clubs from his hand. East could win and lead a heart and South would not have the en­tries to ruff a club and then get back to his hand to en­joy the es­tab­lished club suit. In­stead, he crossed to dummy with the ace of di­a­monds and led dummy’s re­main­ing club, in­sert­ing his nine when East played low. South con­tin­ued with the queen of clubs to East’s king. Dummy won the heart switch with the ace and de­clarer cashed the king of di­a­monds to shed his last heart. A heart ruff to his hand al­lowed him to claim the bal­ance.

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