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Trevor Noah on rising stars list


COMEDIAN Trevor Noah is one of 10 “young innovators and rising stars” named as Time magazine’s Next Generation Leaders.

Released yesterday‚ the list ranges from artists and athletes to activists and entreprene­urs.

In an interview with the American magazine‚ Noah commented on the rise in internatio­nal viewership for The Daily Show: “Donald Trump has made everyone interested in everything‚ everywhere. He’s a worldwide phenomenon,” he said.

“And with everything that’s going on – the Muslim ban‚ threats to women’s rights‚ the environmen­t – I feel like I can finally say the show has a purpose.”

Read the full story and watch video of Noah at http://ti.me/2lmhXMO

On Time.com‚ Noah drew a comparison between himself and his chief target‚ Trump. Despite their difference­s‚ he relates to the president – as a performer. “When I watch him, I see somebody who loves an audience. Someone who likes to be liked‚” Noah said.

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