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Most deaths in EC due to accidents and assault


MORE than half of all deaths in the Eastern Cape are a result of accidents, assaults or trauma.

This is according to statistics released by Stats SA this week, which are taken from death notificati­ons made to the Department of Home Affairs.

According to the report, 1 157 deaths in Nelson Mandela Bay (or 10.5% of deaths) were caused by trauma or other unnatural causes in 2015.

Assault is the most commonly identified source of deaths in the province, causing more than one-fifth of non-natural deaths.

Transport accidents were identified as the second-most common cause of non-natural death in the province, standing at 13%.

According to the report, 2.4% or 187 deaths were caused by complicati­ons during surgery or a hospital stay.

Thirty deaths in the province were due to suicide.

According to the latest District Health Barometer, vehicle accidents (6.%), interperso­nal violence (14.4%) and strangulat­ion or threats to breathing (5.6%) were in the top 10 causes of non-natural deaths for Bay residents between the ages of 15 and 44. – Estelle Ellis

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