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True love on the rail line


TEN years ago, Ryan Jacka met Hannah Dittrich on a crowded train in Australia. They exchanged whispered words and cheeky grins for weeks, until one of them – they still argue over who – asked the other out. To a pizza shop.

The chance meeting led to a happy relationsh­ip, which has now culminated in a fitting proposal back where it all started – on the Frankston line in Melbourne.

Yesterday, Ryan got down in the middle of a packed service and asked Hannah to marry him. With a little help from the train driver.

“A special announceme­nt: This mostly concerns passengers in the middle of the train – specifical­ly carriage 4,” the train driver said on the PA, as Ryan read a book and Hannah dozed on a seat.

Some members of the crowded carriage cottoned on faster than others, pulling out cellphones to film the scene – it’s now all over social media – as Ryan, 35, folded his book and got down on one knee on the carriage’s sticky floor.

“Will you marry me?” he asked. She said yes, of course. And the crowd burst into cheers. – NZ Stuff

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