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Adult toys go to waste


ADULT toys, a wedding ring, soiled nappies, a tea bag wrapped around a teaspoon – it’s just another day at Timaru’s waste sorting facility.

Among the milk bottles, newspapers, plastic and other recyclable­s, staff have found the head of a horse, a pig carcass and soiled nappies.

A Waste Management spokesman said staff also often found adult toys coming along the conveyor belt they sort the waste on.

“Plenty of them,” he said, adding staff no longer raised an eyebrow at such a find as it was now commonplac­e.

Fast food, stereo speakers, an umbrella, plastic storage containers, a bucket and a bathing sponge were just some of the items found in the space of five minutes.

The facility recovered many household items from the waste, including toys, shoes, and clothes, he said.

Over at the waste centre’s composting facility, staff had even found a wedding ring. – NZ Stuff

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