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Get into gear with slick solutions to banish oily motorbike stains

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THE people who fitted black aluminium frame windows at my house did not remove the yellow protective tape. Now it is all cracked and does not peel off. Do you have a remedy to remove this tape, while not damaging the window frames? – IC, Port Elizabeth. It seems strange that the tape was not removed immediatel­y by the installers, but neverthele­ss I approached a firm that seemed likely to know the answer – Atlantic Glass & Aluminium.

I was not disappoint­ed. Basil van Eck provided this method: Use white spirit, which is free of aromatic compounds or isopropyl alcohol (IPA), applied with a soft cloth or sponge. Don’t rub too hard, and ensure that the surface is free of any grit that would scratch the window frames.

Just how gentle this operation should be is made clear by Basil's next suggestion. “If a more aggressive cleaner is required, one can use diluted Sunlight Liquid with lukewarm water or turpentine”.

White spirit, obtainable from hardware stores, is widely used as a cleaning solvent, particular­ly for paint brushes, car parts and tools – and to remove adhesive residue from non-porous surfaces.

MY daughter's 125cc motorbike has leaked some oily stuff onto our tiled garage floor. I sprayed with a household cleaner, but it didn’t budge. Do you know what I could use, without damaging the tiles? – BP, Port Elizabeth. The No 1 requiremen­t with all stains is to treat as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more entrenched the stain becomes.

There are two things you could try. One is the ever-dependable degreaser, Plascon's Aquasolv. The other is Tile & Floor Care's Easy Clean, which is said to remove most types of dirt. Its “powerful formula'” is also a degreaser.

In future, I think you should get your daughter to place some kind of protection for your floor under the bike.

WE use either ghee, which is purified butter, or oil, in a brass container in which we light a lamp. Over time, the brass container has become sticky from the oil, and green patches have formed. I have tried cleaning the container, but cannot get rid of the stickiness. – DS, Port Elizabeth. Readers have supplied tried and tested methods. “ES” wrote in with a simple mixture consisting of a basin of water plus two teaspoons of tartaric acid powder, in which she immersed her brass objects. They were then rinsed and dried -- “clean within seconds”.

This was followed by a letter from “NvR” of Cradock, with her mother-in-law's recipe: 1 teaspoon tartaric acid powder 1 teaspoon Sunlight dishwashin­g liquid 1 teaspoon methylated spirits 500ml water

Mix together and soak brass for a while. Dry with a soft cloth. “There is no clogging as one gets with some commercial products.”

I think this second mixture would be excellent.

THANK you for putting my appeal for parts for a Kenwood liquidiser in the Home Market section of your column. I’m thrilled with the result. Seven people responded, and the first person, Faith, brought three parts to my door and gave me the best one! – PB, Port Elizabeth. I’m glad readers came to the rescue, as they always do. Thanks for the feedback. Home Market

ý I am looking for someone in Port Elizabeth who can repair two telephones, as I can’t get the service provider to help me. – Helen, (O41) 581-4567; 082-567-3387.

Is there anyone out there (Port Elizabeth) who can transfer old VHS tapes to DVD discs? I have a few I would like to retain. – June, 083-339-5099.

ý I have five Brita water jug filters I no longer need, and if anybody has the old jug that uses the cone-shaped filter, please give me a call. – Pamela, 079-950-0050.

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