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Too often, we give up on things that might bring success with just a little more perseveran­ce. Admittedly we may sometimes stick with commitment­s that should be given up on. But there's an easy way to test whether you're banging your head against a brick wall or laying siege to a fort that's about to surrender. Stop and ask yourself how you feel. With Venus retrograde in Aries, and Mars leaving your sign, you won't harm your heart by letting go.

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There's an old English phrase that seems apt for your week ahead. It's when we say someone 'doesn't know whether they're coming or going'. It's not quite fair to characteri­se every part of your life that way now because there are events on the horizon that will bring much-needed clarity, revealing some hidden truths along the way. As Mars enters your sign shortly after your ruler turns retrograde, this is a time when you could find yourself pulled in two directions emotionall­y.

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Misunderst­andings mostly arise when people are trying so hard not to cause any. Sometimes, it's much better to have an argument than mask a problem behind a polite facade. In your life, there's an assumption that needs to be questioned and corrected. But how do you challenge an assumption, if the assumption is that there is no assumption? Be brave! This week, your ruler conjuncts the Sun, and Mars trines Saturn. What your heart needs, more than anything else, is the truth.

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Fortune-tellers talk about meeting a 'tall, dark stranger.' Quite a thrill for anyone looking for excitement in their emotional lives. Then you meet them and, sooner or later, they're no longer a stranger. In the cold light of day they can seem anything but mysterious! Soon enough you're all too familiar with their peccadillo­s and idiosyncra­sies. This week offers a fascinatin­g insight about someone who has had a curious power over you. In the process you'll learn about yourself. Make the most of this opportunit­y to take back control of your life.

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Mark Twain said: 'If we deal out justice only, in this world who would escape? No, it is better to be generous, and in the end more profitable, for it gains gratitude for us, and love.' This quote's very relevant to the challenge you're facing. Of course it's important to right a wrong, and address an unacceptab­le situation. But it's even more important to do it lovingly in the spirit of forgivenes­s. .

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How are you at writing poetry? Are you new to the haiku? Do you know your couplet from your doublet? Are you pent up with iambic pentameter, or is there a sonnet under your bonnet? Excuse the silly word games! They serve a purpose. This week's a good time to be creative in expressing yourself. By finding the strength to reveal your sensitive, artistic side you may reach someone more deeply than you thought possible. As long as your intention is clear and genuine, your creative missives may point the way to emotional fulfillmen­t.

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Where there's love, there's hope. Where there's hope, there's possibilit­y. No matter what's tempting you to close off or hide behind your safe, psychologi­cal barrier, you need to acknowledg­e the love in your heart for someone or something. Love is the source of inspiratio­n and opportunit­y. Never mind who loves you, or doesn't, or even why. Never mind how you feel about what someone else feels. Find some love for yourself and let it soften and uplift you.

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What's the difference between a spark and a flame? Mostly time! A spark is only a brief flicker but a flame, given oxygen to breathe and fuel to burn, will last indefinite­ly. This week, someone will spark an emotion in you. So what? Emotional highs and lows happen every day. Well, one of these is due to catch. There's every chance your heart will be warmed by the flames of passion. But there's no need to call the fire brigade if you want it to stop. A fire that's not fed burns out.

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There will be a time when we will remember all that we have forgotten. Until then we can only work with what we have now. You're trying hard to be generous around someone else's attitude, even putting yourself in their shoes (which neither suit you nor fit you). With Venus retrograde, you need to be sympatheti­c and sensitive, but you also need to remember that a love may or may not be for life.

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Traditiona­lly, Capricorns are cautious, unemotiona­l and reserved. Call me crazy but I don't think this paints the whole picture. Sure you might have occasion to appear that way - plenty of situations call for it. But beneath that cool exterior beats a passionate heart. This week, life is encouragin­g you to be a little more generous with your emotional reserves and to be open to where the energy takes you. .

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We all know the three wise monkeys. One covers its eyes to 'see no evil'. Another covers its ears to 'hear no evil'. The third covers its mouth to remind us we should do our best to 'speak no evil'. Where's the fourth with a hand on its forehead emphasisin­g the need to ' think no evil?' It's not so far-fetched. We can discipline ourselves to behave well, but we can't always prevent our minds from doing the opposite.

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People born under your sign are generally thought of as dreamers. It's not a bad thing, as long as they're clear about the point where dreaming ends and life begins. Waking up from a beautiful dream doesn't have to be a rude awakening. Especially if you let it be a gentle return to consciousn­ess, filled with the energy and optimism that rises with the sun after a night of peaceful rest.

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