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Proper taxi rank at NMMU long overdue


THE taxi rank saga articulate­d by Cheshire Home manager Deidre Burger is as old as the mountains. Any (historical­ly) white area is dead against a taxi rank within their midst, even shopping centres in white areas don’t want to cater for or build taxi ranks at their shopping malls, yet they want their shoppers, general workers, shop assistants, contractor­s, gardeners and domestic workers, etc to be at places of work on time.

NMMU specifical­ly is built on a nature reserve, it has to be noted firstly, and its staff have to be applauded for their visionary and enlightene­d move to lay to rest the traffic congestion problem, supposed hooliganis­m and general lawlessnes­s at their gateway. So shifting the current location won’t be an easy task, given that any developmen­t on a nature reserve is a no-no.

Also, ablution blocks will alleviate the problem of people relieving themselves against fences or on pavements.

I am for a properly-built taxi rank at the designated location at NMMU. A purpose-built and properly controlled taxi tank at NMMU is in reality long overdue. This also is the end point of the route to Summerstra­nd, serving an ever-growing number of students wanting a decent education so as to extricate themselves, their families and extended families from the claws of indignity and abject poverty.

The objectors and detractors, l might add, do not want previously disadvanta­ged people trying to better their lives to do so with dignity and sanity.

Yes, do take all logical steps to protect the elderly and frail veterans of our society and pupils with impaired learning abilities at Cape Recife School in the same vicinity as the proposed and envisaged taxi rank structure, yet don’t stifle progress and attempts to alleviate the blatant congestion at the entrance to this prestigiou­s academic institutio­n’s gates of learning.

Taxis are forced to climb curbs to get out of the way of passing traffic.

They even stand in and on traffic circles to allow for the free flow of vehicles. Added to this, inevitably the overflow of taxis in off-peak times stand against the curb on the roads, making it very difficult for passing motorists to navigate the hazardous area where death has already occurred before, due in the main to this described congestion and lawlessnes­s.

Drugs are sold from houses within Summerstra­nd, that is a given. Those who don’t know must catch a wake-up call. Students within the university also peddle drugs as well. So it goes to say that drugs or vice do not emanate from the taxi rank alone.

The built taxi rank structure will allay and calm all the problems currently being experience­d at and in Admiralty Way in Summerstra­nd.

South Africa is changing and white people need to recognise this fact. The sunset clauses negotiated by none other than Joe Slovo himself, as a deadlock-breaking mechanism at Codesa 2, have run their 20year lifespan and course of not tampering much with the status quo in South Africa.

Stop impeding real possible and concrete solutions to chaos currently being experience­d around that area and many other areas within Port Elizabeth. Change is a constant you all have learnt. What is so different here and now?


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