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SA under Zuma has ‘betrayed Africans’


SOUTH Africa has betrayed the freedom of the southern African region, as well as the ever-suffering masses of the African continent, while reducing its own courts to being purveyors of common sense, says Thabo Mbeki Foundation CEO Max Boqwana.

Delivering a hard-hitting public lecture at Rhodes University about the developmen­t of the law under President Jacob Zuma’s rule, Boqwana warned that South Africa was a country on a destructiv­e trajectory.

“The choices we have are to do something to halt the tide, or simply let the country burn into complete ashes.”

He said governance was increasing­ly being abdicated to the courts, which were being forced to pronounce on issues that should be common sense.

The taxpayer was having to foot the massive legal bills caused by the government refusing to do its job.

Boqwana, who is also a co-chair of the Law Society and a visiting lecturer at the Rhodes law department, pointed to dozens of cases involving rationalit­y and review that had ended up in the courts because of bad decision-making by the government. – Adrienne Carlisle

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