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- A VODACOM spokespers­on responded: “[ We] made contact with the customer and can confirm that a credit has been done and refund is being processed into her account. The refund should be paid into her bank account by Friday March 3. We have apologised for t

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Interface interferen­ce

ON Monday February 20 I purchased a Vodacom ZTE USB dongle from the Vodacom Shop, Summerstra­nd, to interface with my [Point of Sale]’s SMS notificati­on and marketing software. Unfortunat­ely, due to a Vodacom software issue, the dongle would not interface with the software. Several phone calls to their technical staff member later the problem was still not solved and the promised call with a solution never came. Thus on Monday February 27 I returned the dongle to the shop and asked for a refund as it was not fit for the purpose sold. The Vodacom Shop, Summerstra­nd, refused as it is not “Vodacom” policy to provide a refund on faulty items. When I pointed out that this was in violation of the [Consumer Protection Act] they still refused! However, staff member Leslie Korkie refunded me out of her own pocket to save me from having to take this further. I feel it is completely ridiculous that companies are still able to pay lip service to the CPA and the poor consumer and their staff members come off second best. I hope that this [complaint] will find the attention of people with the ability to fix the system and Ms Korkie will get the credit she deserves. SIMON CLARK A VODACOM spokespers­on replied: “We can confirm that the matter has been resolved and that Vodacom fully complies with CPA. The normal process for all refunds requires sales agents to log a call with customer care at head office to process the refund. Furthermor­e, we have spoken to the store manager and the sales agent will be compensate­d for the amount they paid to the customer. We have apologised to Mr Clark for the manner in which his query was handled. At all times we endeavour to deliver an unmatched customer experience and as such we remain committed to resolving each and every customer query that comes our way as speedily as possible.”

Excellent service

ABSA Walmer Park. Thank you Dorinda Fourie for your phenomenal service. Not just today but always. PAM KIBBLE

Owning the problem

AS an 81-year-old pensioner I would like to say thank you to Hanlie Engelbrech­t of the Uitenhage branch of Nedbank. When she saw I was not making headway with my problem, she took ownership of it. It was duly solved. Now that is service. M H JACOBS, UITENHAGE

Parking pests

MY wife and I have been customers of that Irvine Street coffee shop. No more. The behaviour of the two car guards has chased us away. IAN LABUSCHANG­E

In response: Good times

I WHOLEHEART­EDLY agree with P Brooks, Summerstra­nd (W Post Fair and Square February 18) in respect of excellent service at Ryobi in Heugh Road, Walmer. Some time ago I required a new battery for a cordless drill/driver. Unfortunat­ely, Ryobi did not have the required item in stock. One of these two young men offered me a “loan” battery from his personal toolbox while I was waiting for my ordered new battery. To top it all off, said new battery was delivered to my place of business when it arrived a couple of days later. Truly outstandin­g client service. Last week I had the good fortune of dealing with Hydraulic Solutions at 755 Govan Mbeki Avenue, North End, when I encountere­d brake problems with one of my vehicles. Mervyn Smith examined and tested the suspect part for me free of charge and also offered advice as to how to go about solving the problem. Very patient, friendly and helpful service was received from this gentleman. GENE COLESKE, ROWALLAN PARK


Many people have been caught with overpricin­g of PVC Spaarwater hosing. I paid R17 per metre in Walmer. The same day I went to the privately owned hardware shop in the Summerstra­nd shopping centre and their price is R12 per metre for the same product. In

answer to my question, they said it is new stock. It pays to check before you buy. P BROOKS

Undue penalties

EARLY in September 2016 I let Vodacom know that my banking details had been changed and gave them my new bank account number for my monthly debit order on my cellphone contract. At the beginning of October 2016 I received a SMS message from Vodacom saying that my debit order had not gone through so I paid it by cash immediatel­y. I then received a phone call from them to say that I had been penalised R100 as my account had been paid late. I refused to pay as I felt it was not my fault it was late. However, I then had exactly the same story happen at the beginning of November 2016. Paid by cash immediatel­y. Now my penalty is R200. I then went to the Vodacom agent and asked her to please check whether the original notificati­on had ever been received. The reply – “Your service request No EC-04FN-2R3RFW has been logged”, with a second reply, “The bank details have been updated”. To my utter amazement Vodacom actually withdrew “the R200 penalty” from my bank account by adding it to my debit order. I have spent hours on the phone to various consultant­s with regard to this matter and been told each time that I will be credited with the R200. Well, it is now the middle of February 2017 and no credit yet. What now? AMAZED

 ??  ?? CELLPHONE BLUES: Vodacom responds to its users in this column
CELLPHONE BLUES: Vodacom responds to its users in this column

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