Weekend Post (South Africa) - - PUZZLES, CARTOONS & COLUMNIST GWEN -

HOW many words of four let­ters or more can you make from the let­ters shown here? Each let­ter may be used once only and each word must con­tain the large let­ter. There must be at least one nine-let­ter word.

No plu­rals or words with a hyphen, apostro­phe or ini­tial cap­i­tal let­ter.

To­day’s Tar­get: 16 words, good; 24 words, very good; 31 words (or more), ex­cel­lent. So­lu­tion next Sat­ur­day. LAST SAT­UR­DAY’S SO­LU­TION:

AIRWORTHY ar­row awry har­row thaw throw wait wart warty wary what whir whirr whit whoa wiry with withy worry wort worth wor­thy wraith wrath writ wroth yar­row.

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