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ARIES I re­cently tried ve­gan pizza. It was de­li­cious! larly wor­ships As some­one cheese, who I had regu- exBut sud­denly pected a real to al­ter­na­tive have my faith has re­newed. en­tered my ises. world How and does I'm my keen pizza to dis­cover predica­ment all it prom- re­late to from your your sit­u­a­tion? sign sug­gests The de­par­ture a way to progress of Uranus is be­ing re­vealed. If you think it might be un­de­sir­able, look again. Find out what the fu­ture has in store for you… TAU­RUS Tau­re­ans are re­put­edly stub­born. A kinder de­scrip­tion might be “strong-willed”. You sim­ply like to know what's what and have your feet planted firmly on the ground. Know­ing about changes to a sit­u­a­tion in ad­vance is key to your sense of sta­bil­ity. When life sud­denly takes a turn, as life does, you can find it dif­fi­cult to ad­just. Yet that is ex­actly what you need to do this week. A door un­ex­pect­edly clos­ing may open an­other one that leads to some­where even brighter. For au­dio, video pre­dic­tions and much more… GEMINI How can you tell if some­one is telling you the truth? Test them! Don't live in un­cer­tainty. If you doubt some­one's in­ten­tions, you have noth­ing to lose by call­ing their bluff. If they're ly­ing, then at least you'll know. If they're telling the truth, well, you don't need me to ex­plain the im­pli­ca­tions of that. You have a nose for the way things should be. Nor is this the un­re­al­is­tic op­ti­mism of a dreamer. Go with your gut. There's much more to your story than your Sun-Sign… CANCER You might be stressed or out of time, amid a tense, con­flict-laden stand­off with some­one, or just filled with ner­vous en­ergy when­ever you think of your ever-grow­ing “to-do” list. But that's all the more rea­son to take some time to put ev­ery­thing back in per­spec­tive. You are so for­tu­nate. Look around you. Look at what you've achieved and how many peo­ple sup­port you. Only once you've re­mem­bered all of this, can you truly find the path to suc­cess. The New Moon can her­ald an ex­cit­ing new start too. Find out what the fu­ture has in store for you… LEO What as­sur­ances have you given? What com­mit­ment have you made? Does it re­ally mat­ter? After all, it's too late to change your mind now. You'd be the talk of the town. How could you ever hold your­self with hon­our if you're seen to be un­re­li­able? Well, you just might find your­self mak­ing such a dis­cov­ery, soon. The long-awaited move­ment of Uranus sug­gests that a prom­ise that was once vi­tal is now prov­ing ex­tra­ne­ous. Mean­while, some­thing ex­tra­ne­ous is fast be­com­ing vi­tal. This is an ex­cit­ing de­vel­op­ment – if you can be strong, hon­est and adapt. For au­dio, video pre­dic­tions and much more… VIRGO This week, things will hap­pen to al­ter the course of your life. More ac­cu­rately, it marks the start of a jour­ney of new pos­si­bil­i­ties. No need to rush. Take time to en­joy it. Taste the prom­ise of suc­cess. Revel, even, in how ir­rel­e­vant struc­tures and au­thor­i­ties may soon fall. That sounds a lit­tle like you're stuck; un­able to take to­day se­ri­ously with­out yet be­ing able to progress to to­mor­row. But think of it thus: you have a gift many would envy. Progress awaits, if you're will­ing to put your­self in a dif­fer­ent place. There's much more to your story than your Sun-Sign… LIBRA These days it can seem like there is a eties. mi­asma It's as cre­at­ing if each lung­ful all our of anxi- air happy to wor­ried. we breathe But just could as Vic­to­rian turn us from doc­tors ill­nesses, started so we to can track find down the the true real source source of our of angst move­ment - in­side of our­selves. Uranus, with Thanks help to from the his­toric a New Moon, move the you cause have of a your chance own to fears. iden­tify and re­Find out what the fu­ture has in store for you… SCORPIO This isn't a time to dwell on the past. It's about progress – es­pe­cially within re­la­tion­ships. Some­thing has to change, but that doesn't mean some­thing has to end. Uranus is chang­ing signs; and a New Moon is on your side too! A trans­for­ma­tion is tak­ing place. Where once there was di­vi­sion and dis­cord, with the right at­ti­tude, a break­through will ar­rive. Don't burn the bridge that's led to this fork in the road. For au­dio, video pre­dic­tions and much more… SAGITTARIUS Last-minute changes, for good or for bad, are nor­mal. Were you busy do­ing some­thing when a more al­lur­ing prospect came along? Were other plans un­der way when you started to fancy shift­ing gears? As Uranus changes signs, it's a per­fect mo­ment to change course, even if it's a hunch. In fact, a last-minute de­ci­sion may yield bet­ter re­sults! And if any­one asks why. Tell them, 'be­cause it just feels right!' There's much more to your story than your Sun-Sign… CAPRICORN Will that fer­vent des­per­a­tion van­ish? Will you be happy to lend a help­ing hand to any­one in need? Why not? After all, what's the rush? The world won't end if a dead­line slips. Yet, de­spite any new-found peace of mind, there are bound to be mo­ments of ten­sion. And with Uranus chang­ing signs too, you will still be as pas­sion­ate as ever in your de­sire for change. But it's all per­fectly nor­mal - you just need to ac­cli­ma­tise. The New Moon is more proof that the next few days mark a ma­jor turn­ing point. Find out what the fu­ture has in store for you… AQUARIUS The funk you're in now may feel as if you're sink­ing in a bot­tom­less pit; but what you're re­ally in is quite a long tun­nel. And there is light at the end. Don't de­spair - you're al­most there! Dearly needed progress in a sit­u­a­tion that had stalled will give you the drive you've been lack­ing. Uranus's move­ment hints that a change is on the way. The New Moon says you can be sure of it. For au­dio, video pre­dic­tions and much more… PISCES What is mad­ness? Drown­ing in debt? Nor­mal! Pre­tend­ing we're in con­trol of our fu­tures when, in re­al­ity, we haven't got a clue? Nor­mal! Peo­ple are al­ways do­ing crazy things for crazy rea­sons. It's only when some­one ques­tions the san­ity of these rea­sons that the word 'mad­ness' emerges! Per­haps there are some ques­tions we shouldn't probe too deeply. An idea or op­por­tu­nity has come your way, and you are think­ing hard about it. To an out­sider, it might seem odd even to con­sider it. But for you, in the week that Uranus changes signs, it's per­fectly log­i­cal. There's much more to your story than your Sun-Sign…

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