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I don’t know if I must re­act in anger, be dis­gusted or just merely dis­ap­pointed after read­ing the ar­ti­cle pub­lished in Week­end Post of September 8, “Turn­coats rip into DA coali­tion”.

Surely some­thing is dras­ti­cally wrong? The two DA coun­cil­lors have turned against not only the party they be­longed to, but in a sense, against the people of the north­ern ar­eas, who worked hard to cam­paign for the DA to win the elec­tions in ward 35 and 37.

They have not only bro­ken the trust of the people, but in the process bro­ken faith in the party they rep­re­sent.

Those two coun­cil­lors need to be re­minded that they were representing com­mu­ni­ties and not them­selves.

The trust that the people put in them has helped them to ac­quire the salaries they were en­joy­ing ev­ery month – and that with perks as well.

Has it en­tered into the minds of these coun­cil­lors that they are play­ing a dan­ger­ous game or, shall I say, they turned it into a dirty game – as if it was not dirty enough. They ob­vi­ously be­came a part of the prob­lem and not the so­lu­tion.

It seems as if they too had gripes with for­mer mayor Athol Trol­lip. Maybe the mayor was see­ing to it that they per­formed their tasks and kept them ac­count­able.

Much to their dis­like, they might not have en­joyed the con­stant watch­ing that went on over their shoul­ders.

Or, can I sur­mise that there was some­thing that was go­ing to be of­fered them that they could not re­sist?

Were they think­ing that come next elec­tion that is how they would try and sway votes, just so an­other party could win over the north­ern ar­eas through fos­ter­ing re­la­tion­ships with people of the com­mu­ni­ties? They, there­fore, se­cured their cosy jobs through an­other party. May I re­mind them the res­i­dents of the north­ern ar­eas who voted for the DA are not pawns on a chess board.

We knew what we were vot­ing for and we knew who we wanted to lead our wards and our city.

And now I speak to coun­cil­lor Trevor Louw of ward 35. I am deeply trou­bled about this mat­ter. On Au­gust 29 he put up a Face­book post­ing , the cap­tion read­ing “STILL MY MAYOR #STANDWITHATHOL#”.

This was the con­tent: “I stand with mayor Athol Trol­lip and the DA-led coali­tion gov­ern­ment against the ca­bal that wants to steal back our beloved Nel­son Man­dela Bay.” But just two weeks down the line he de­nounces Trol­lip and be­comes a part of the “ca­bal”.

Coun­cil­lor Louw, where was your al­le­giance all the time?

Were you play­ing a game of heads I win, tails you lose?

Well, it is ev­i­dent the way you sold out the DA party.

You did not con­sult with the people of the com­mu­ni­ties who elected you into the po­si­tion as ward coun­cil­lor.

You were the DA’s se­lected can­di­date, whether most res­i­dents ap­proved of you or not.

They stood by you. You cam­paigned to have a big­ger ward when the de­mo­graph­ics of the wards were changed.

You not only sold the north­ern ar­eas out but you sold out the city as well.

If you had any re­gard for the city and its people you would have given thought to the con- se­quences of your ac­tions and the neg­a­tive im­pact upon the res­i­dents who voted for the DA.

All that you are in­ter­ested in is your­self and your power play. Did you not feel like a sell-out sit­ting in that meet­ing know­ing that your col­leagues were on the out­side fight­ing a cause for jus­tice? Or were you scared you would lose your salary, then jumped on the band­wagon?

Or what other portfolio were you of­fered or as­pir­ing to but could not at­tain – or were you tired of the mun­dane work of be­ing a coun­cil­lor?

Wake up, the cof­fee is burn­ing. You will burn your fin­gers.

I had the great­est re­spect for you. I thought you were a man of in­tegrity but ob­vi­ously I was wrong.

Strange that things like this had to hap­pen for people to see who you re­ally are. You have truly made a mock­ery of the res­i­dents of ward 35 and our beloved city – the city we grew up in.

A chameleon changes its colour eas­ily.

I be­lieve you have changed yours too, or, did we as the res­i­dents of ward 35 and Port El­iz­a­beth re­ally know you? Be­lieve me, now we do – a man of many fa­cades who lacks value and char­ac­ter.

Res­i­dent of Heath Park, ward 35

SHOWED THEIR HAND: Coun­cil­lors Neville Hig­gins and Trevor Louw, whose vote was cru­cial

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