Shop­pers get them­selves all fried up over pro­cessed ‘ba­con’

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Should a prod­uct made from a mix­ture of pork, chicken – in­clud­ing me­chan­i­cally re­cov­ered meat – and milk be de­scribed as “ba­con rash­ers”?

Chloe Hoff­mann is not the only one who thinks not.

“The pack was marked ba­con . . . [when I] opened the packet to cook it for us‚ [I] was like whaaaaat is this?” she posted on Face­book.

Andy Kerr said: “You are sell­ing us polony and call­ing it ba­con – not cool‚ even if it [is] within le­gal guide­lines.”

The prod­uct’s in­gre­di­ent list reads: “Pork‚ chicken‚ me­chan­i­cally re­cov­ered meat [chicken]‚ wa­ter, spices‚ spice ex­tracts . . . con­tains cow’s milk.” Mechani- cally re­cov­ered meat is a paste­like prod­uct made by forc­ing pureed or ground chicken un­der high pres­sure through a sieve-type de­vice to sep­a­rate the bone from the ed­i­ble meat.

Re­spond­ing‚ a SPAR spokesper­son said SPAR Brands had com­plied with the South African Na­tional Stan­dard for Pro­cessed Meat “Re­formed Prod­uct” clas­si­fi­ca­tion‚ which al­lowed for 15% pro­tein to be added to the prod­uct.

“The SPAR Brand team has de­cided that although legally com­pli­ant‚ the word ‘ba­con’ will be re­moved [within three weeks] from the Break­fast Fry Rash­ers to avoid any fur­ther is­sues.”

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