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1Mum meet­ing some­one in Glas­gow? It’s sup­posed to be lucky (6)

5 ‘Goody’ about to catch ‘baddy’ – they run at a mod­er­ate pace (8)

9 Tinge Monet con­jured up for herbaceous plant (10)

10 Ja­panese in­gre­di­ent is in­cluded by Mau­reen (4)

11 Em­bel­lish talk to be given at end of month (8)

12 Know­ing about bar’s closing and open­ing (6) 13Mem­ber of tribe about to get in­struc­tion in English lan­guage (4)

15Wh at’s hav­ing detri­men­tal ef­fect on mother, get­ting old? (8)

18 Pig a man’s de­stroyed in one form of re­li­gion (8)

19 Help with a risky ven­ture (4)

21 Ma­jor dig­i­tal oper­a­tor at ground level? (3,3) 23Worst group for tack­ling tricky is­sue (8) 25 In­stru­ment used by Char­p­en­tier (4) 26Well planned, al­beit need­ing some­one to pro­mote busi­ness (7,3)

27 Places like Ply­mouth, Southamp­ton, each in­volved in games (8)

28 Coun­try fare for ma­jor fes­ti­val (6)


2 Lively sol­dier drown­ing in booze (5) 3 Busi­ness groups get­ting on, type re­tained by Amer­i­can agency (9)

4 Is­lan­der in trou­ble not turn­ing up (6) 5 Scruffy kids, a lot I smartened some­how af­ter short time (15)

6 On the sub­ject of busi­ness, the writer is lost for words (8)

7 Cheers when a politi­cian en­ters US city (5) 8 Vi­brancy of English boy in for­eign coun­try, blast­ing off loudly (9)

14 To kill time, I acted strangely (9) 16 Fighter, happy one at­tend­ing com­mon soldiers (9)

17 Ter­ri­ble per­former? Not a per­son tak­ing charge (8)

20 US chum needs to ob­tain sum of money al­lo­cated (6)

22 Add more liq­uid to pot, we de­duce! (3,2) 24 Old nov­el­ist in shed in the home coun­ties (5)

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