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Open­ing lead – 10 of clubs. This was one of those hands that caused the mem­bers of the club to sit up and take no­tice of Sylvia. It oc­curred long be­fore she had learned the mean­ing of a cue­bid.

Per­haps South, a world-fa­mous ex­pert, was push­ing his luck too far when he over­called East's one-spade bid with two spades to show a big hand with a spade void. Play­ing with Sylvia as his partner, this was a highly ques­tion­able thing to do.

In fact, South died a thou­sand deaths be­fore the hand was over. Sylvia (North) jump-raised him twice in spades on the ba­sis that she had ex­cep­tion­ally fine trump sup­port for her partner. South wisely passed six spades dou­bled, re­al­is­ing that he was likely to wind up at seven spades dou­bled if he bid again.

West led a club, and South pro- ceeded to demon­strate his prow­ess when he ruffed in dummy, took a heart fi­nesse, ruffed a club, took an­other heart fi­nesse, ruffed a third club, led a heart to the ace and ruffed a fourth round of clubs.

As a re­sult, South now found him­self in this po­si­tion:

De­clarer cashed the A-K of di­a­monds and ruffed a di­a­mond with the nine. East over­ruffed with the jack but had to con­cede the last three tricks to dummy, hand­ing Sylvia and her now-ec­static partner the dou­bled slam!

Sylvia strikes again

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