Weekend Witness - - Opinion - C. ETHER­TON Wem­b­ley, Pi­eter­mar­itzburg AN­GELA SAVILLE Pel­ham, Pi­eter­mar­itzburg A.R. MO­DAK Jo­han­nes­burg

A COU­PLE of to­tally un­con­nected sug­ges­tions.

To re­duce in­ci­dents of po­lice of­fi­cers shoot­ing their part­ners, is­sue them with their ser­vice pis­tols when they go on duty and have them re­turn them when they go off duty. Then they are not avail­able for use af­ter hours.

To en­cour­age dis­il­lu­sioned peo­ple to vote, have a manda­tory box at the bot­tom of ev­ery vot­ing slip with the op­tion “None of the above”. This would give a fairer in­di­ca­tion of the mood of the peo­ple. THE ad­vent of per­sonal tele­phony and the plethora of smart­phones now on the mar­ket may have made life eas­ier, but there is a se­ri­ous dis­con­nect. While striv­ing to make life sim­pler, we have made it more com­plex.

So en­veloped are we by our phones that we don’t have time for the things that give us true hap­pi­ness. We have greater ac­cess to com­mu­ni­ca­tion, but this com­mu­ni­ca­ble disease has failed to make greater and bet­ter re­la­tion­ships.

It’s time we con­sid­ered se­ri­ously the draw­backs of tech­nol­ogy and main­tained a bal­ance be­tween ma­te­ri­al­ism and spir­i­tu­al­ism.

The ob­ses­sion with “self­phones”, self­ies and mass BBMing (Black­berry mes­sag­ing) has made us into techno­junkies.

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