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PARIS — A F rench crim­i­nal c ame up with a cun­ning pl an t o e scape the long arm o f the l aw b y an­nounc­ing his o wn funer al, which bo th the po­lice and his un­sus­pec ting gr and­mother at tended.

The 26­y ear­old, w an­ted f or a l ong list o f o ffences in­clud­ing fr aud and theft, pl aced a de ath no tice in the Ouest­France r egional p aper and on­line.

“His mo ther, f ather, br oth­ers, sis ter and the whol e o f the f am­ily w ould like t o inf orm y ou o f the de ath o f [Cedric L .], who p assed a way on Thurs­day, Sept em­ber 11, at the ag e o f 26,” the no tice r ead.

“The funer al will be c el­e­brated Tues­day, Sept em­ber 16 at 10:30 .”

But polic e smel t a r at and turned up t o the funer al at the ap­point ed time t o find nei­ther a body nor a fu­neral — jus t a be­mus ed gr anny who wasn’t in on the ac t. — Sap a­AFP.

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