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CASH­IN­TRAN­SIT r ob­bers ha ve made a home in K waZulu­Natal with 3 7 in­ci­dent s r eported be­tween 201 3 and 201 4.

The r ate has almo st doubl ed y ear on y ear, with an­nual polic e crime s tatis­tics p aint­ing a grim pic ture f or the pr ovince. W ell or gan­ised and he avily armed r ob­bers r un rif e, with a cash heis t r ecorded onc e e very 10 da ys.

A polic e s ource said gr oups o ften mo ved be­tween the pr ovinces, and tar geted c om­pa­nies with the w eak­est s ecu­rity c om­pli­ment.

“What w e ha ve s een is that the se g angs r ecruit their mem­ber s and then will tak e l ong drives and hit their tar gets al ong the w ay. One gr oup w e ar e tr ack­ing has s tarted in Jo­han­nes­burg and then c ome t o KZN wher e they hit tar gets and then l eft ag ain,” he said.

The w ell­placed polic e o ffi­cer, who c ould not be named as he is no t au­tho­ris ed t o speak t o the pr ess, said the crime s yn­di­cates were highl y or gan­ised. “The se g uys kno w e xactly what the y ar e do­ing and the y ar e smart . They hit the ar­mour ed c ars when the y ar e weak­est, and that is dur­ing pick ­ups and drop­offs at their sit es. Gone ar e the da ys o f the tr adi­tional CIT when a l arge g ang w ould ram ar­mour ed c ars o ff the r oad.

“What w e s ee no w ar e c alled ‘ knock­ers’ or ‘cross­pave­ment r ob­beries’ wher e the s yn­di­cates hit the s ecu­rity g uards whil e the y ar e walk­ing t o and fr om the c ars,” he said.

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