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•Turn the tap o ff be tween w ash­ing your f ace, br ush­ing y our t eeth or shav­ing. •Take a fiv e­minute shower, in­stead of a b ath, which will c on­sume onethird o f the w ater. •Use l ow­flow sho wer­heads, du­alflush t oi­let mech­a­nisms and w ater­ef­fi­cient w ash­ing ma­chine s. •Ket­tles shoul d c on­tain jus t enough wa­ter f or y our needs. This will r educe y our el ec­tric­ity bill as w ell. River) s ys­tems w ere also alr eady in stress. T he H azelmere D am sup­plie s parts of Dur­ban and the Ilembe Dis­trict.

The dis trict f aces the pos sibil­ity of a dr ought as the U mvut­shane Ri ver, which sup­plies the ar ea, is almost dry. “This has re­sulted in a 66% re­duc­tion in the vol­ume of wa­ter be­ing tr eated.”

How­ever, there were no im­me­diat e con­cerns about wa­ter short­ages in the •Don’t o ver­fill c ontainers lik e c ook­ing po ts, as this ma y r esult in the use o f mor e ener gy f or he at­ing. •Re­duce the t oi­let­flush v ol­ume b y putting a t wo­litre s oft­drink bo ttle, filled with w ater and a lit tle sand to add w eight, int o the cis tern. •Fix l eak­ing t oi­lets. •Dis­pose o f tis­sue s and o ther w aste in the tr ash, don ’t flush. •Use “grey w ater” — us ed w ater from b aths, w ash­ing ma­chine s e tc Mgeni S ys­tem, w hich sup­plie s the eThekwini r egion, uM gun­gundlovu, North­ern U gu dis trict and Piet er­mar­itzburg.

“De­pend­ing on the rain­fall lev­els re­ceived dur­ing the com­ing months, this could bec ome an is sue in mid­ 2015,” Harichun­der said.

He warned that ther e had been be­low­av­er­age r ain­fall o ver the p ast 15 — t o flush y our t oi­let. •Do no t o ver­fill or e xces­sively b ack­wash y our s wimming pool. •Use a buck et r ather than a ho se t o wash y our c ar. Or els e us e a no zzle that c an be turned o ff be tween spray­ing the c ar. •Do no t pour p aint and chemic als down the dr ain. •Keep t oxic ins ec­ti­cides a way fr om wa­ter s ources and s treams. [sup­plied b y Umg eni W ater] months and that met eo­rol­o­gists had pre­dicted the con­tin­u­a­tion of this trend un­til Jan­uary next year. In ad­di­tion, un­usally high spring tem­per­a­tures had led to incr eased e va­po­ra­tion fr om the dams.

Harichun­der said an earne st ap­peal was be­ing made t o c onsumers t o use wa­ter sp ar­ingly. • nalini@witne

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