Face­book’s name r equire­ments ar e a dr ag

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Drag queens Lil Ms Hot Me ss (l eft), Sis ter R oma ( cen­tre) and Hek­lina tak e turns spe aking about their bat tle with F ace­book dur­ing a ne ws c on­fer­ence at the cit y hal l in San F ran­cisco this w eek. Dr ag queens ar e spar­ring with F ace­book o ver it s polic y re­quir­ing peopl e t o use their r eal name s, r ather than dr ag name s, such as P ollo Del Mar and Hek­lina. In r ecent w eeks, F ace­book has been del et­ing the pr ofiles of sel f­de­scribed dr ag queens and other perf orm­ers who use s tage name s be­cause the y did not com­ply with the so­cial net work­ing sit e’s r equire­ment that user s g o b y their r eal name s on the sit e. PHOTO: AP

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