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The new Planes movie sees Dusty grow in character and strength

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PLANES: Fire & Res­cue is the lat­est of­fer­ing from Dis­ney Pix ar.

A se­quel to the popular Planes, this new ad­ven­ture com­edy tells the t ale of a d ynamic crew of elite fir efight­ing air craft de voted t o pr otect­ing his­toric Pis ton Peak Na­tional Park fr om r ag­ing wild­fire.

When world­fa­mous air racer Dusty Crophop­per learns that his en­gine is dam­aged and he may never r ace ag ain, he mus t shift g ears and so is launched int o the w orld of aerial fir efight­ing.

“It’s a movie about sec ond chances,” says di­rec­tor B obs G an­n­away ( Se­cret of the Wing s). “Each character was some­thing else be­fore find­ing their cur­rent roles, and Dusty is a crop duster turned racer who can’t race any more. When we learnt that his tor­i­cally, the v ery fir st air at tack teams were crop dusters, it was clear that the plane was t elling us w here the s tory was g oing.”

Dusty joins forces with veteran fire­and­res­cue he­li­copter Blade Ranger and his coura­geous team, in­clud­ing spir­ited air tanker Dip­per, heavy­lift he­li­copter Windlifter, ex­mil­i­tary trans­port Cab­bie and a li vely bunch of b rave all­ter­rain v ehi­cles known as T he Smoke­jumpers.

To­gether, the y b at­tle a mas sive wild­fir e and Dusty learns what it takes to be­come a true hero.

WEEK­END WIT­NESS spok e t o c ome­dian Dane C ook, w ho v oices Dus ty, about the ne w movie. What is Planes: Fir e & R es­cue about and how doe s it tak e Dus ty t o ne w height s? It’s a whole new ad­ven­ture for Dusty, who’s a well­known racer and a lo­cal hero in Prop­wash Junc­tion — his small­t own­kid dr eams came true.

I think the great mes­sage in Dis­ney’s Planes was that you can suc­ceed beyond your own ex­pec­ta­tions. Don’t be afr aid to dig a lit tle deeper and push y our­self and y ou jus t might be pleas­antl y sur­prised.

But due to an in­jury, Dusty has to forego rac­ing, and de­cides to en­ter a new realm in fire and res­cue. He gets a sec­ond chance and he finds pas­sion in some­thing else that he lo ves.

He may be in o ver his head, but he w ants to give back to May­day and some of his friends back home. This time he’s look­ing out for his com­mu­nity. It’s not just ‘what can I per­son­ally achieve?’ but ‘ how can I gi ve b ack?’.

He finds hu­milit y. This isn’t about head­line s or glory, it’s about ex­plor­ing a new side of him­self. And I think that’s re­ally another strong mes­sage. How did y ou f eel about r eturn­ing t o the role o f D usty? Planes: Fire & Res­cue feels ma­ture. The ac­tion is el­e­vated. The hu­mour is bright er, so I lo ve that it’s an ever­chang­ing world that pro­vided me the op­por­tu­nity as an act or to come in and ac­tu­all y find ways to ver­balise the growth of my character, which I think w e’ve done with Dus ty.

In Dis­ney’s Planes, Dusty was a lit tle anx­ious about lea ving home — so he w as t en­ta­tive and cau­tious. [Di­rec­tor] Bobs [ Gan­n­away] came in and said: “Dus ty’s g ot t o gr ow.”

And I was like, “Okay, good. We’re both on the same p age.”

There was this amaz­ing col­lab­o­ra­tive ef­fort to achieve his vi­sion. T his time, w e wanted Dus ty to be braver — less stam­mer­ing, less quiet — he’s dis­cov­ered him­self. We wanted his new­found con­fi­dence to res­onate in his voice. I was able to in­ject more hu­mour. Who’s Blade R anger and what doe s Dusty l earn fr om him ? Blade’s all business. He’s in charge at Pis­ton Peak Air A ttack. F ight­ing wild­fir es is ob vi­ously v ery dan­ger­ous. Dusty has a lot to learn be­fore he can get out ther e with Blade and the t eam.

It’s a lit­tle tricky be­cause Dusty has some lim­i­ta­tions due to his in­jury. I think he re­alises, thanks to Blade, that it’s not just about fly­ing faster, push­ing him­self harder, it’s about com­mu­ni­cat­ing and col­lab­o­rat­ing. So Dusty learns re­spon­si­bil­ity from Blade and the r est of the Pis ton Peak g ang. Who’s Dip­per ? Dip­per is o ver­whelm­ing and eff erves­cent. She’s Dusty’s big gest f an. Can y ou de scribe the l ook of Res­cue? In­cred­i­ble. You’ve never seen an ything like it — the fir e sc enes are jus t wild. T he sc ope is hug e. When they’re fly­ing into huge for­est fires, there’s so much dr ama. The au­di­ence is in the thick of it with Dusty. The at­ten­tion to de­tail’s ex­tra­or­di­nary — the smok e, the em­ber s. It’ s metic­u­lous and it’s beau­ti­ful. — Arts E ditor • Planes: Fir e and R es­cue opens in S A on Septem­ber 26 . P re­view s creen­ings ar e at S terKinekor Gat eway in Umhl anga on Her­itag e D ay, Septem­ber 2 4. • arts@wit­ness.co.za

Planes: Fir e &

PHOTO: DISNE Y will be r eleased t o cin­e­mas ne xt w eek.


Dar­ren Simp­son is v oic­ing the character of Drip in

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