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PETER Court, from Cre­ative Mad­ness in Dur­ban, has cr eated a hos t of chil­dren’s the­atre to de­light lit tle ones of all ages at this year’s The Wit­ness Hil­ton Arts Fes­ti­val.

There are three cat­e­gories of the­atre on of­fer to­day and to­mor­row: Once Upon A Time f or r eally lit tle peo­ple and Tales of T er­ror for those 11 t o 15 years old, and ag e­spe­cific work­shops. ESTELLE SINKINS headed to the Topsy Turvy t ent t o find out mor e. ‘KALEI­DO­SCOPE’ Aimed at childr en bet ween seven and 10 years, Kalei­do­scope is a s to­ry­telling ex­trav­a­ganza where those watch­ing get to join in the t elling of a ne w tale.

“This tale can only be told here and now … yes­ter­day it didn’t ex­ist … and to­mor­row it will be gone for­ever … your imag­i­na­tion is the s tar of the pr oduc­tion,” sa ys Court.

See it at 10.30 to­day and 10.30 am and 4 .30 pm

am t omorrow. Tick­ets ar e R6 0. ‘RUMPLESTILTSKIN’ Beau­ti­ful pup­pets cre­ated by Court help bring this age­old fairy­tale to life. In this ver­sion, the king is gr eedy, the queen is evil, the prince is in love and the miller is drunk!

And the poor miller’ s daugh­ter has to deal with them all, fir st to save her life and then the lif e of her child.

Rumplestiltskin can be seen at noon to­day and t omorrow. Tick­ets are R60. Per­fect whether y ou’re se ven or 9 7. ‘THE GOLDEN GOOSE’ Another fairy­tale comes to life through the magic of theatr e.

Dumm­ling’s br oth­ers ar e mean t o him, and so ar e his mum and his dad. But the strength of his good heart and his gen­eros­ity of spirit bring him luck and wealth beyond his wildest imag­in­ings.

The show is aimed at those three to six years old. See it at 3 pm t oday and 9 am t omorrow. Tick ets ar e R6 0. ‘THE GREA T BIG ENOR­MOUS TURNIP’ Another tale for three­ to six­year­olds, The Gr eat Big Enor­mous T urnip t ells the story of the lit­tle old man (Old geezer) and the lit tle old w oman (Fat rat bag) who ar­gue con­stantly ev­ery day of their mar­ried lif e, un­til one v ery hot sum­mer when the old man de­cide s to en­ter the lo­cal agri­cul­tur al sho w. For years, his neigh­bours had won the best vegetables, and this made the old man jeal­ous. They be­gan to for­mu­late a plan to grow the largest turnip and show the neigh­bour who was the bet­ter gar­dener.

The show is at 1.30 pm to­day and to­mor­row. Tick ets ar e R6 0. ‘ALONE’ Aimed at childr en bet ween 11 and 15 years, Alone is a ghost story with pup­pets. Says Court: “Dar­ren is alone in the Grave­yard o n Hal­loween, and w ait­ing for his be st mat e J ames. T hey pla y among the tomb­stones while the other chil­dren in the neigh­bour­hood go trick or treat­ing, but this year, Dar­ren’s in for a fright!”

The show is at 10.30 am and 4.30 pm to­day, and 10.30 am to­mor­row. Tick­ets are R6 0. ‘BLUE BO Y’ Another one for the older chil­dren (1115), Blue Boy tells the s tory of Sammy and the patch in his gar­den where noth­ing w ants t o gr ow, not e ven nas tur­tiums, which ar e pr ac­ti­cally a w eed.

Sammy’s mum has tried ev­ery­thing, then his dad be­came in­ter­ested in budgeri­gars and on the p atch of g ar­den where noth­ing grew, he built an aviary.

Blue Boy can be seen at 3 pm to­day and 9 am to­mor­row. Tick­ets ar e R60. ‘QUES­TION’ This sho w use s pup­pet s, dar k clo wn, mask and mime, and is great for those older than 11 y ears. Court sa ys of the show: “Ques­tion is a night­mar e. In a room where fall­ing asleep could be the worst thing you could do, a man is sur­ rounded by his book s, his di­arie s, his his­tory, the things he has done and left un­done. He’s tired, tired of ob­jects, tired of things, things that make him re­mem­ber and things that help him to for­get, things that mak e him que stion.”

See it t oday and t omorrow at 1.30 pm. Tick ets ar e R6 0. ‘THE O THER’ The Other is a psy­cho­log­i­cal thriller and ghost story for those older than 11 ears.y

Sarie li ves on a small­hold­ing in the Ka­roo with her Ma, her Pa, her two older brothers and her sis­ter May. Dur­ing the day it’s dry and hot and windy, but at night, it’ s dar k, v ery dar k!

The show is at noon t oday and t omorrow. Tick ets ar e R6 0. ‘SU­PER­NAT­U­RAL S TO­RIES’ The fi­nal of­fer­ing is Su­per­nat­u­ral Sto­ries, which is for those be­tween 11 and 15 years. Th­ese ghost sto­ries are not for the faint­hearted. Lis­ten if you dare at 6.30 pm t onight. Tick ets ar e R6 0.

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