A quick look at the mo vies sho wing ar ound KZN this w eek­end

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** R ec­om­mended

Lif e chang es in an ins tant f or young Mia Hall af ter a c ar ac cident put s her in a c oma. Dur­ing an out ­of­body e xperience, she mus t de­cide whe ther t o w ake up and live a lif e f ar dif fer­ent than she had imag­ined.

A man be­lie ves he has put his my ste­ri­ous pas t be­hind him and has ded­i­cated hims elf t o be gin­ning a ne w, quie t life. But when he mee ts a y oung girl un­der the c on­trol o f ultr a­vi­o­lent R us­sian g ang­sters, he c an’t s tand idly b y — he has t o help her .

A f ormer r ac­ing­car driv er is ab­ducted b y a my ste­ri­ous thief and f orced t o be the wheel man f or a crime that put s them bo th in the sight s o f the c ops and the Mob.

The ori­gin s the man who bec omes Dr ac­ula. ** A sport s ag ent stages an unc on­ven­tional r ecruit­ment s trat­egy to g et t alented In­dian crick et pla yers t o pla y Ma­jor L eague Bas eball.

A s elf­ab­sorbed r eal­tor en­lists the help o f his neigh­bour when he’ s sud­denly lef t in char ge o f the gr and­daugh­ter he ne ver kne w e xisted un­til his e stranged s on drops her o ff at his home .

Jame s “Ghost” S t P atrick, a w ealthy New Y ork night ­club o wner who has it all, cater­ing f or the cit y’s elit e and dr eam­ing big, lives a dou­ble lif e as a dr ug king­pin.

All Ally son and her friends w ant is a peac eful, gr own­up e ven­ing of din­ner and fun — a long­needed moms ’ night out . But in or der t o enjo y high heels, adult c on­ver­sa­tion and f ood no t s erved in a bag, the y need their hus­bands t o w atch the chil­dren f or a f ew hour s. What c ould g o wrong?’

tory o f

S torm tr ackers, thrillseek­ers, and e very­day t owns­peo­ple doc­u­ment an unpr ece­dented on­slaught o f t or­na­does touch­ing do wn in the t own o f Silv er­ton.

This A frikaans t een c om­edy cen­tres on 16­y ear olds Ti­aan and Z ane who dream o f f orm­ing their o wn r ock band.

A fter lo sing her job and learn­ing that her hus­band has been unf aith­ful, a woman hit s the r oad with her pr ofane, har ddrink­ing gr and­mother.

A w oman, ac ciden­tally c aught in a

PLANES: FIRE AND RE SCUE: dark deal, turns the t ables on her c ap­tors and tr ans­forms int o a mer ci­less w ar­rior evolved be yond hu­man lo gic. Sponge­Bob g oes on a que st t o dis cover a stolen r ecipe that t akes him t o our di­men­sion, our w orld, wher e he t an­gles with a pi­rate.

A mar­ried c ou­ple w ake up t o dis­cover that the s ex t ape the y made the evening bef ore has g one mis sing, lead­ing t o a fran­tic s earch f or it s wher eabouts. ** In the far r eaches o f spac e, an Americ an pilo t named P eter Quill finds hims elf the ob­ject o f a man­hunt af ter s teal­ing an orb c oveted b y the vil­lain­ous R onan.

Thr ee spoilt childr en who ar e cut o ff fr om their f am­ily f or­tune ar e forced t o do the un­think able — get a job and fend f or thems elves.

A fter he is thr eat­ened dur­ing a con­fes­sion, a g ood­na­tured prie st mus t bat tle the dark f or­ces clo sing in ar ound him. ** The lif e o f a y oung man, Ma­son, fr om ag e fiv e t o ag e 18 . ** The Kadam f am­ily clashe s with Madame Mal­lory , pro­pri­etress o f a c el­e­brated F rench r es­tau­rant, after the y open their o wn nearb y eat ery, un­til un­de­ni­able chemis try c auses the madame t o take gif ted y oung chef Has san un­der her wing.

He’ s a wi­d­ower in P aris who speak s no F rench; she’ s a dance ins truc­tor le ss than half his ag e. Can they bec ome a f am­ily, or will his e stranged adult childr en halt the friend­ship ?

A shoe s aleswoman, dis­il­lu­sioned with lo ve bec ause o f her enc oun­ters with do wry­seek­ing men, mee ts a c ook who can charm any­body with the ar oma and fla ­ vours o f his br eyani and k ebabs. The y c ome face t o f ace in a clash o f the di­ame tri­cally op­po­site but equally spicy cul­tur es o f Hy de­r­abad and Luc­kno w.

A r oman­tic c om­edy dir ected by Shashank a Gho sh and s tar­ring Sonam K apoor, F awad Khan, R atna P athak and P rosen­jit Chat­ter­jee. It is a r emake o f the 1980 film Khub­soorat.


When Dus ty l earns that his en­gine is dam­aged and he ma y no t r ace ag ain, he joins a f orest fir e and res­cue unit t o be tr ained as a fir efighter.

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