What to do in an emer­gency

Plumb­ing 101: Do­ing your own mi­nor plumb­ing re­pairs in the home can save you a l ot of money

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UN­LESS you can aff ord to fork out ev­ery time some­thing goes wrong in your home, it pays to know a f ew plumb­ing b asics. Do y ou kno w wher e y our s top­cock is l ocated? In f act, do y ou kno w what a stop­cock is ?

A s top­cock is a t ap that turns off the w ater sup­ply, ei­ther to your home (main stop­cock) or to a fit ting in the home. T he main s top­cock is lo­cated on a prop­erty bound­ary, nor­mally close to the w ater met er.

In the event of an emer­gency, such as a burst pipe, faulty geyser or plumb­ing emer­gency, you should ac­quaint your­self with the lo­ca­tion of this valve. T he ar ea ar ound the s top­cock needs t o be kept clear to al­low easy ac­cess. Ad­di­tion­ally, the tap it­self should be greased from time to time to en­sur e it doe s not seiz e up . Don’t panic when the sink or sho blocks up

It’s a fairly sim­ple pro­ce­dure to un­block a drain in a home. If y ou take the time t o un­der­stand your home plumb­ing, from wa­ter in to sew­er­age out, y ou should be able t o t ackle mos t mi­nor plumb­ing r epairs y our­self.

When a sink dr ain block s up , it is nor­mall y caused by an ob­struc­tion along the pipe— most fre­quently in the u­trap be­hind or un­der the sink. Don the rub­ber gloves, grab a bucket and screw­driver (to undo the cir­clip) and re­move the pipe to g et t o a block age.

wer Do not use caus tic soda t o r emove bl ock­ages

When a sho wer dr ain block s, it’ s nor­mall y caused by a build up of hair in the dr ain. Most drain caps are ei­ther clipped or screwed into the shower floor and ar e f airly eas y t o r emove.

Once the cap is off, put on rub­ber gloves and re­move any block­age. Run the shower on hot for a minut e or so t o clean out the dr ain. Block­ages out side the home

Look at the pipes out­side your home. You will see that pipes have a small, medium or large in­spec­tion cap. Use ad­justable pli­ers to open this cap to check for block­ages that can­not be solved by clean­ing out the dr ain or u­tr ap.

Once any block­age has been r emoved, use a hose pipe t o flush the pipe.

If a drain out­side your home is smelly, it’s easy to re­move the grated cover and check for block­ages. Use a dr ain auger or cut­off piec e of hose pipe t o loosen a block age.

Know where your man­hole drainage cover is to check the flow and avoid costly drain main­te­nance. If caught early, you can im­prove the flow of y our dr ains quickl y with a hose pipe jet of wa­ter. Safety fir st when dril ling int o w alls

When it comes to drilling into walls, es­pe­cially tiled walls in a bath­room or kitchen, the last thing you need is to hit a wa­ter pipe or elec­tri­cal con­duit.

An elec­tronic de­tec­tor, such as the Bosch PDO or PDO 6, will lo­cate elec­tri­cal ca­bles and wa­ter pipes be­hind tiles, so that you don’t have to worry about c ostly mis takes.

Al­ways use a det ec­tor when drilling int o the walls of y our home.

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